are diesel trucks better than gas trucks for hauling a camper?

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    They are usually less fun to drive due to lower engine power, but they are economical thanks to a low fuel consumption.
    I think Diesel would be the right choice for you.
    Diesel trucks do pull better than gas trucks.If you are not going to be pulling a lot you may do better with a gas . I have a dodge 5.9 diesel,. I do not pull as much as before but I sure do enjoy the power when I need it.Is it worth the extra 4000-5000 dollars over the price of a gas??????? I guess from here it would be what do you want. Also looking at the price of diesel over gas. When I am pulling 10,000-15000 pounds my fuel mileage drops off to 8-10 mpg. When I am empty I get as much 25 mpg at 55mph.But who drives at that speed. Hope I helped

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