Evolution? Science or Religion? Is evolution is a religion?

    It doesn't take much effort to demonstrate that evolution is a religion and not science. The following answers will be logically explained, being that evolution is not fact nor proven.

    Like Atheists say, "you can't prove God exists." The evidence and the definition of science, will prove that that evolution is a religion. Please don't be offended it is simply a logical summary based on the true definition of science.

    You can't prove evolution either, all we can do is believe in one the other or go the Agnostic route and say that we just don't know.

    Does evolution equal secular humanism? Sciences opinion of science may not be the same as yours.? !

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    Headless Man

    I'm with you on this, I was waiting to hear the Atheists response on this.


    t.u leeroy, you seem to be one of the few asking legit questions. I've almost given up

    Thank you Ash, I just noticed your comment, there haven't been to many serious questions on here lately, I don't know why it has changed so much from the old format?

    The new questions just mainly seem to be something people are to lazy to do a search on, or you can't make heads or tails out of some of them...
    Kaylene Reece

    I do not believe one disproves the other. God says one day is like a 1000 in heaven and of course we don't know how that time is being measured. What if they are both true?

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    What makes science, involves observation, by using one or more of the five senses, 1)Taste 2)Sight 3)Hearing 4)Touch 5)Smell, to gain knowledge about the world. Note: You must be able to repeat the observations to prove your theory.

    Naturally one can observe what exists in the present. It is an easy task to understand that that no scientist was preset over the millions of years to witness the supposed evolutionary progression of life from the simple to the complex.

    No living scientist was there to observe the first life forming in some primeval sea. No living scientist was there to observe the big bang that is supposed to have occurred 10 or 20 billion years ago, nor the supposed formation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago(or even 10,000 years ago!) No scientist was there--no human witness was there to see the events occurring. They certainly cannot be repeated today. Thus so far this proves it not to be science by the scientific definition of science. More to come soon......


    like a cornfield im all ears tu to you


    Ok leeroy but you did not mention your 6th sense which is the power of prayer. Athiestic scientists do not have this sense since you cannot pray to someone you do not believe in much lees get an answer.


    It would be like watching a murder-mystery movie. What happens? It is obvious. Halfway through, the conclusion is still obvious. Towards the end, the conclusion is still obvious. Three minutes before the end, new evidence is admitted that you didn't have before, and this totally changes your conclusions. It wasn't the butler after all!

    No human being, no scientist, has all the evidence. If you don't have all the evidence how are you supposed to come up with the right conclusion? That is why scientific theories change continuously. As scientists continue to learn new things, they change their conclusions.

    To think that anyone has all the evidence is just ridiculous. It can't be science if it wasn't witnessed, at best it is a constantly changing theory of belief. Thus evolution is a religion.

    Evolution is a belief system: It is a belief system about the past based on the words of me who were not there, but who are trying to explain how all the evidence of the present (that is, fossils, animals, and plants, etc.) originated.

    Webster's Dictionary defines religion as follows: "Cause, principle or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith." Surely, this is an apt description of evolution. Evolution is a belief system --- a religion!

    It only takes common sense to understand that one does not dig up an "age of the dinosaurs" supposedly existing 70- 200 million years ago. One digs up (dead) dinosaurs that exist now, not millions of years ago. Do you get it?

    Fossil bones do not come with little labels attached telling you how old they are. Nor do fossils have photographs with them telling us what the animal looked like as they roamed the earth long ago.



    Yes Papa, evolution is a belief system, not science or scientific fact, just a theory.

    Science - absolutely not! Evolving into a form of religion - perhaps so! Religion is a fabrication of mankind. When Jesus walked this earth, he had few positive words to say about organized religion. Still, the bible instructs His followers to join other believers for the etification of one another.

    Agnostics and atheists strive to believe nothing, which requires significantly more faith than believing in the God of Abraham and intelligent design. The spin taught by the anti-God crowd is little more than corrupted pride. Much like using a rock to substantiate a belief due to form rather than spirt. The anti-God sect delude themselves with the worship of so-called intellectualism which has no substance; merely form. The Christian looks into the heavens and sees the hand of God. The unbeliever looks into the heavens and sees mayhem.

    cult-if we evolved then what will we become next
    Jesus is the proof, the way the truth and the life.

    When people visit a museum they are confronted by bits and pieces of bones and other fossils neatly arranged in glass cases. These are often accompanied by pictures representing an (artist's impression) of what the animals and plants (could have looked like) in their natural environment. Remember, no one dug up the picture, they just dug up the fossils. And these fossils exist in the present.

    For example, in Tasmania there is a sandstone bed containing millions of pieces of bones, most of which are no larger than the end of your thumb. The evolutionists have placed a picture at one particular excavation so that tourist an see how the animals and plants lived in the region "millions of years ago." You can stare at those pieces of bones for as long as you like, but you will never see the picture the scientists have drawn. The picture is their story of their preconceived bias, and that ultimately, is all it ever can be. You can never prove what it was until someone invents a time machine and goes back to take pictures, its all guess work, speculations..

    All the evidence a scientist has exists(only) in the present. All the fossils, the living animals and plants, the world, the universe--in fact, everything--exists now, in the present. The average person (including most students) is (not) taught that scientists only have the present and cannot deal directly with the past. These scientific facts of what makes science, science are left out when it comes to the theory or teaching of evolution. So scientifically it cannot be fact at all.

    I will leave that up to the idiots that believe they evolved from a monkey think that alone is enough said.

    Thanks for your answers Darci.
    Lol, Leeroy, good research, sorry to say i could not be bothered to read all the facts, too much for my head to fill in tonight. What i find confusing is that recent researches have been made, recent discoveries that shows human used to have similar skulls as to apes etc. body structure and such. on the other hand there is religion that tells us that we came from adam and eve. the first humans on earth, which i'm pretty sure as god didn't mention, that they were half human half apes. But at the same time, religion also wants us to believe in science, facts, etc, truth. So we have, Religion-->science-->theory of evolution/apes--> I believe in Scientific evidence, which suggests me to believe in evolution, but on the contrary i believe in religion and avoid 'evolution theory'. but why do i do that, am i not suppose to believe in science evidence? So what we have here is a big dilemma, either throw away scientific evidence and indulge in the unknown, or face them and disbelieve in an entire different thing that would throw away gods words. Right now, currently i believe in religion and science evidence except i'm throwing away evolution theory, because science has many flaws, there are other things we haven't discovered yet, to be proven. One day you have this guy waking up finding a different skull underground, does a bit research and there he throws at us a theory, calling it scientific evidence, thus people tend to believe in it easily, they become distorted and say to themselves 'i will believe in facts rather than the invisible' they are easily manipulated by little evidence, who knows when we'll have a guy waking up one day to finding a spaceship underground and throw us a theory that Ufo's created humans, i'll stick to what i believe which is religion/god and his words. because one day i have faith that every other theory would be proven wrong.

    I hope to be one to prove it wrong one day ;)
    Pardon me for butting in, I can see you guys have it bad.

    According to Darwin, evolution is about the survival of the fittest as a species. It does not tell you how the species arrived or how the individual survives. So evolution does not tell us anything significant about the situation we find ourselves in. It does not provide any hope or comfort to people who have lost loved ones. As far as evolution is concerned when you are dead that is the end of the individual. So to be an evolutionist means to have horrendous gaps in your knowledge (and I really mean horrendous gaps.) Athiestic evolutionists have to have total tunnel vision in order to put faith (and I do mean put faith)in Darwins theory.

    Mr Savage Sir, with respect, I put it to you that your knowledge is so specialised that you have not yet discovered what life is about yet.

    Genesis, on the other hand tells us why we grow old and die. It is the only book ever written that can do that as well as provide an abundance of archeological evidence of its accuracy.

    The first of the human species rebelled against the Almighty prior to siring or begeting children. The Almighty then intervened to limit the rebellion and in effect caused a mutation to limit mans life span to less than one thousand years. As the rebellion grew in strength and numbers he was obliged to destroy the wicked in order to protect the righteous. (On another occasion he confounded their languages and scattered them across the surface of the earth.) The rebellion continued and so the Almighty cut the life span againg to 3 score and ten or 4 score years and still this grasshopper called man on the third rock from a very unremarkable sun presumes to think he knows as much as the Almighty and can defy him?

    Leeroy on the other had sees religion as something which is good. But the facts show that religion and particularly Christendoms religions are deceptive dishonest and hypocritical just as the Jewish religion was at the time of Christ.

    So who was Christ? Only bible students know that this man existed in the heavens as a different species and the mightiest of spirit creatures (and I do mean creatures) Not only did he oversee the entire creation of the earth and all its species but he played a major part in the fashioning of such creatures. (Proverbs 8 v 22-31)

    I could write volumes more but I will see how you get on with this. Warm regards


    Thanks for all the comments, I don't really see religion as good, I have seen quite a bit of bad in religion, as well as good. But I think it's important to lead us in the right direction, especially as children. Great and interesting comments!!!

    God has given every person a measure of faith. Some choose to have faith in men through science so-called. I took biology last year and got an A. My teacher has a lot of faith in evolution and the non-existence of God. We agreed to disagree, and became pals. In the end, if she is right, what have I lost out on? If she is wrong, what has she lost out on?


    t.u. Mitch, that is so true people are putting their faith in evolution and not God. Many of them don't realize that it isn't science at all, but merely secular humanism.

    0 the creator,creaded,creaters,to create on earth his had no chores of comming here on earth.the bible said we are his foot stool on where we walk depenes on his will, if you believe. like a child.thy are innercent of life,just like adam and eve before thay were deceave by satan. i am not saying the bible word,for word but i am speeking from my heart. in the bible it said every time i try to think good evil thoughts are present.or every time i try to do good i do bad.why is this beleiving in God word i want to believe in my farther that he love me and i trust his word.he said he would be like a lamp upon yours, or my feet,we are his foot stud on if you want to meat someone day by day trying to die to the walk you touck to get here was God timning wecome .the spirit no the Spirit of do you want to control your walk or do you want to let God do the walking for you.
    Good question Daren, I think we will evolve more arms or legs, being that we work so much, and are always on the run. We may even develop wheels instead of legs?

    Maybe we will be more like octopus people, did you know an octopus has one brain per arm? Maybe we will just develop gills? What do you think we need that we don't have?
    Just wanted to get the question circulating again, what do you think?
    Grit, what do you think about this viewpoint, I think it makes a lot of sense.
    Seriously the argument here is a sound one, I haven't seen an answer that has convinced me that it doesn't take faith to believe in the theory of evolution.

    Nor have I seen a view that states that science can prove something from the past, does anyone have a different view, or is the logic in this other view indisputable? Please leave a relevant opinion, not just speculative.
    See I have personally adapted to my new environment. I have seen animals adapt to their environments. So I believe in adaptation, but not evolution. Both are belief systems, because you can prove neither.

    Evolution has way to many holes in the theory and Christians can't prove God exists to a non-christian. I don't know if discussing it solves anything, but it makes for an interesting conversation.

    What is the Intelligent Design Theory?

    Intelligent Design Theory

    Question: "What is the Intelligent Design Theory?"

    Answer: The Intelligent Design Theory says that intelligent causes are necessary to explain the complex, information-rich structures of biology and that these causes are empirically detectable. Certain biological features defy the standard Darwinian random-chance explanation, because they appear to have been designed. Since design logically necessitates an intelligent designer, the appearance of design is cited as evidence for a designer. There are three primary arguments in the Intelligent Design Theory: 1) irreducible complexity, 2) specified complexity, and 3) the anthropic principle.

    Irreducible complexity is defined as “...a single system which is composed of several well-matched interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, wherein the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning.” Simply put, life is comprised of intertwined parts that rely on each other in order to be useful. Random mutation may account for the development of a new part, but it cannot account for the concurrent development of multiple parts necessary for a functioning system. For example, the human eye is obviously a very useful system. Without the eyeball, the optic nerve, and the visual cortex, a randomly mutated incomplete eye would actually be counterproductive to the survival of a species and would therefore be eliminated through the process of natural selection. An eye is not a useful system unless all its parts are present and functioning properly at the same time.

    Specified complexity is the concept that, since specified complex patterns can be found in organisms, some form of guidance must have accounted for their origin. The specified complexity argument states that it is impossible for complex patterns to be developed through random processes. For example, a room filled with 100 monkeys and 100 computers may eventually produce a few words, or maybe even a sentence, but it would never produce a Shakespearean play. And how much more complex is biological life than a Shakespearean play?

    The anthropic principle states that the world and universe are “fine-tuned” to allow for life on earth. If the ratio of elements in the air of the earth was altered slightly, many species would very quickly cease to exist. If the earth were a few miles closer or further away from the sun, many species would cease to exist. The existence and development of life on earth requires so many variables to be perfectly in tune that it would be impossible for all the variables to come into being through random, uncoordinated events.

    While the Intelligent Design Theory does not presume to identify the source of intelligence (whether it be God or UFOs or something else), the vast majority of Intelligent Design theorists are theists. They see the appearance of design which pervades the biological world as evidence for the existence of God. There are, however, a few atheists who cannot deny the strong evidence for design, but are not willing to acknowledge a Creator God. They tend to interpret the data as evidence that earth was seeded by some sort of master race of extraterrestrial creatures (aliens). Of course, they do not address the origin of the aliens either, so they are back to the original argument with no credible answer.

    The Intelligent Design Theory is not biblical creationism. There is an important distinction between the two positions. Biblical creationists begin with a conclusion that the biblical account of creation is reliable and correct, that life on Earth was designed by an intelligent agent—God. They then look for evidence from the natural realm to support this conclusion. Intelligent Design theorists begin with the natural realm and reach the conclusion that life on Earth was designed by an intelligent agent (whoever that might be).

    Recommended Resource: Intelligent Design 101: Leading Experts Explain the Key Issues Edited by H. Wayne House.

    This page is also available in: Indonesia, Chinese, Hebrew, Espa?ol, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Portugu?s, Rom?n?, Polski, Fran?ais, Russian, Nederlands, Hrvatski, Srpski, Italiano, Greek, Bulgarian, Japanese, Melayu, Cesky, Sloven?ina, Sinhala, Trad-Chinese, Malayalam, Farsi, Deutsch, Ukrainian, Suomi, Magyar, Vi?t, Mongolian, Afrikaans

    Related Topics:

    Is the similarity in human/chimp DNA evidence for evolution?

    The real difference is that some people don't want to accept Christianity, that is their right, I understand that not everyone can agree on any given subject. It's okay to have different beliefs, but why can't you admit that it is a belief system? When there is no proof of something, and we don't have all the facts, when there a gaps of evidence, you have to choose to believe or not to believe. Faith and belief are interwoven, your background in belief will determine what you believe the evidence to be pointing to. If you believe in evolution, you will base your findings on your background. If you believe in God you will put the evidence into your background belief system as well, Creationism.

    Headless Man

    Great comments leeroy, God is working on Grit, I've been praying for him. Love, Randy

    Headless Man

    I know I remember the chimp to ape to man chain they taught in the 60's


    Thanks, it's mostly from a book I've been researching on evolution. The odd thing is that many people believe evolution to be scientific fact because it is taught in school, while it is truly only guess work at best.


    Yes it was still in my earth science book in the 80's. The truth is if you don't have all the evidence(which no one does) and you can't recreate it(which we can't) and no one was there to witness it(which they weren't) IT'S NOT TRULY SCIENCE. It is only a guess on what happened, around the turn of the century there were several other origin theories out there which have been abandoned. Just remember that the creationist view is also a relative theory. All of these theories take belief or faith, because there is no scientific proof.


    cave quid dicis, quando, et cui

    The Bible tells us in the book of Genesis that there is a true and reliable account of the origin and early history of life on earth. Increasing numbers of scientists are realizing that if you take the Bible as your basis and build your models of science and history upon it , all the evidence from the living animals and plants, the fossils and the cultures,(it all fits.) This confirms that the Bible really is the Word of God and can be trusted totally.

    The secular humanists, of course, oppose this because they cannot allow the possibility of God being Creator. They fight to have prayer, Bible readings, and the teaching of creation forced out of the public school curriculum. They have deceived the public into thinking this is eliminating religion from schools and leaving a neutral situation. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

    They haven't eliminated religion from the public school. They have taken Christianity and the creationist belief out and have replaced it with an anti-God-religion---HUMANISM.

    Why do evolutionists not want to admit that evolution is really a religion?
    It is related to the fact that whatever you believe about your origins does affect your world view, the meaning of life, etc. If there is no God and we are the result of a chance random process,it means there is no absolute authority. And if there is no one who sets the rules, then everyone can do whatever he likes, or hopes he can get away with.

    Evolution is a religion which enables people to justify writing their own rules. You can do whatever makes you happy or feels good to you with no consequences. It is and stands as a direct opposite of the creationist view. Yet it is a belief system whether people want to admit to it or not. Adam rebelled against God by not obeying God's rules, and we all suffer from the same sin: Rebellion against the absolute authority, God.

    I have documentation of an Allosaurus bone that was sent to The University of Arizona to be carbon dated. The results were 9,890 +/- 60 years and 16,120 +/- 220 years.

    "We didn't tell them that the bones they were dating were dinosaur bones. The result was sample B at 16,120 years. The Allosaurus dinosaur was supposed to be around 140,000,000 years. The samples of bone were blind samples."

    This test was done on August 10, 1990

    There are accounts in the Bible referring to dinosaurs. Like I said before I believe the earth to be approximately 10,000 to 20,000 years old. Man, and all types of animals were created at the same time, before the original sin, all animals ate plants. The flood wiped out dinosaurs.

    Grit Savage

    good for you leeroy! i can see that you ain't gonna shift on what has been deeply ingrained into you.

    your last statement above clinched it for me! good luck with it all ;-)


    No, not deeply ingrained,RESEARCHED, this information is from creation studies, a logical, scientific, creation alternative to evolution. If I can tolerate your belief in evolution, why cant you tolerate my creationist belief?

    Here's one for you: If we are products of random chance as evolution says, that means your brain is also a product of random chance, correct? If our brains are a product of random chance, our thought patterns are also a product of random chance, the thought patterns that determine your logic are as well.

    If your logic is a result of random chance, how can you be sure that it evolved properly? You can't be sure that you are even asking the right question, because you cant trust your logic?

    Grit Savage

    everyone is different leeroy! that's the beauty of the human race!
    if everyone thought the same way we would still be hitting stuff with clubs! instead of sitting at a laptop discussing life the universe and everything!
    religion tries to herd everyone's thoughts into the same field, science lets your thoughts wander unrestricted!


    Exactly,The reason to not believe in God is out of rebellion,it's human nature.
    My thoughts wonder freely, I just choose to think on positive things instead of lust or greed, things I believe to be negative. The reason for evolution is to have an alternative life without God. Scientists can't prove the past, no one has all the evidence, we all have biased opinions, depending on our belief systems.

    Secular humanism, plain and simple it's a belief system, You put faith in whatever you believe, science hasn't proven evolution, you can't prove it until you witness it for yourself.


    I think sciences' definition of science differs from many peoples belief of what scientific proof, or science actually is: You completely missed the question about flawed logic, you just wrote,"everybody's different", I won't bother repeating it, anyone can read it for themselves.

    You said it your self, science is not a religion, well evolution is not scientifically proven, thus it is theory and not science.Science has to be witnessed.

    Grit Savage

    "evolution is not scientifically proven, thus it is theory and not science.

    A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. A theory is valid as long as there is no evidence to dispute it. Therefore, theories can be disproven. Basically, if evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, then the hypothesis can become accepted as a good explanation of a phenomenon. One definition of a theory is to say it's an accepted hypothesis.

    Grit Savage

    no i don't leeroy, you appeared to have forgotten that i really don't believe in gods of any kind!
    just because people have faith in a "supreme being" does not count as proof.
    you are hanging on to your theory like a dog on a bone leeroy.
    evolution is an accepted theory! with a ton of supporting evidence and yes the evidence is evaluated and sometimes ditched altogether, but is an evolving theory! just like the rest of current knowledge.


    So you don't consider the Bible or Millions of Christians to be proof of another accepted theory? Well you have millions of people who disagree with you. Sorry, like I said, it is purely speculation, and takes faith or belief to buy into it. Just like Christians can't prove to you or a non-believer that God exists, yet they still believe, and accept the account in Genesis, that God created the earth.

    Just like you believe in evolution!


    Just because you don't accept God doesn't make Him unreal, I didn't forget,.... evolution is a lie, the millions of years are only thousands and there is real proof, it's your religion and you are holding on to it like a dog holding a bone. I'm not knocking you for it. You can't prove evolution and I can't prove God, but they are both beliefs, and if you can't see it then that's your decision.


    If there are no such things as supernatural beings or Gods, Why did so many previous civilisations squader so much of their wealth of so many temples and churches which require so much effort and so many fortunes to construct?

    Models of science are subject to change for both creationists and evolutionists. But the beliefs that these models are built on are not subject to change. The problem is that some scientists do not realize that it is the belief (or religion) of evolution that is the basis for the scientific models. Therefore it's roots have started in biased soil, so to speak.

    The (interpretations, or stories) used to attempt an explanation of the present are based on these theories that are rooted in biased views. Evolutionists are not prepared to change their actual belief that all life can be explained by natural processes and God is not involved,(or even needed) Just as the answer above shows he is not open to any other rational explanation. Evolution is the religion to which they are committed. Christians need to wake up to this. Evolution is a religion; not science!

    Grit Savage

    so leeroy, how long ago did the first human appear?

    Grit Savage

    how does oil form?

    Grit Savage

    tell me about the dinosaurs!


    Those Question are not difficult to answer, but with your particular for of tunnel vision you would not be able to accept the answers Grit. Sorry chum but you would have to apply yourself to the true science of biblical archeology and that would frighten the living daylights out of you because it is true science not pseudo science you are dabbling in.

    Yes, you are putting your faith in in evolution, the previous statements prove logically and scientifically that no scientist was present to witness the theory of evolution it is an educated guess, a hypothesis. If no one was there to witness it and it cannot be reproduced in a laboratory, it is only theory. The evidence of fossil records have been arranged according to the scientists belief in a guess and due to their own personal beliefs that there is no God. There is no proof of evolution, thus you must have faith or belief, a belief system is a religion.

    By your definition of science I read in another question, evolution, or the big bang do not fit into this example of true science, thus it is only speculation. Maybe you didn't read the answers thoroughly enough. A logical person with commonsense and an understanding of the definition of science cannot say that evolution is truly scientific or especially fact.

    Your argument holds no weight, it is only denial. Religion is not simply designated to the supernatural.

    Here's the truth about the facts: The only way anyone could always be sure of arriving at the right conclusion about anything, including origins, depends upon his knowing everything there is to know. Do you know someone like that? ha, ha. Unless he knew that every bit of evidence was available, he would never really be sure that any of his conclusions were right. He would never know what further evidence there might be to discover and, therefore, whether this would change his conclusions. Neither could a person ever know if he had reached the point where he had all the evidence.

    This is a real problem for any human being -- how can anyone ever be one hundred percent sure about anything? It is something of a dilemma, isn't it.?


    Yes I know two persons like that. one of them is Jesus Christ who is very much alive and well. So all I have to do is some scientific research into the bible and ask his Father for help from holy spirit and he shows me where to find the correct answer. The only down side is that it is often not the answer I wanted. But I can be sure it is the right answer because God cannot lie.

    the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods:
    a particular system of faith and worship.

    the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment:
    the world of science and technology.

    Science is not a religion leeroy! no matter what your own personal thinking may be! :-)

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