Should people consider taking back the Nobel Peace Prize from President Obama? Now that we as a Nation are involved in more wars than ever before?

    I've heard the campaign promises to get out of Iraq within 6 months, but didn't see it happen, now we are involved in 3 wars at one time. Do you think that he should forfeit the Nobel Peace prize?

    What happens if Iran keeps up with the stuff they're pulling, will Iran be next?

    I am not against completely against President Obama, I just don't see him living up to his promises. I am let down, once again by another politician.

    Don't be shy,,,,,,,,,,, tell us what you think, do you think he still, (or ever) deserves it or not?

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    Does anyone remember who started the Nobel Peace Prize, where the money came from to fund the organization?


    Alfred Nobel and he also invented dynamite.

    Why do you care about a prize that's given out by people just as crooked as the ones they hand it to? it means nothing.. Nikola Tesla never received one, and he's way better then every single man that ever got one. But, oh.. he wasnt a freemason, so I guess he doesn't count?

    Keep the Peace Prize just give back the keys to the White House.

    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - The Iraq War began in March 2003. False intelligence was presented by the Bush administration suggesting that Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein was gathering weapons of mass destruction to distribute to extremists.

    As for you being let down because President Obama is not living up to his promises. The circumstances change between promise time and action time. If politicians did exactly what voters say they want, the results would be bad, and the politician would get blamed. Under the circumstances, politicians who want to get elected promise to do as the people command, then "betray" them for their own good. Making the promises helps politicians attract popular support before they get in office. Breaking the promises helps politicians avoid losing popular support after they get in office.

    The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 was awarded to Barack H. Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".


    I follow you, I heard the question asked on the news and thought it might be an interesting conversation. I like your answer, thank you.

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