get rid of stray cat

    how to get rid of stray cat

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    Don,t feed it anything or you'll never get rid of the little bugger without doing something drastic! If it's not winter where you are a bucket of cold water will deter them (for awhile). Pisses them off too! I've got a lot of feral cats in my yard in my neighborhood so deal with them all the time. They're pretty independe3nt, skittish and just plain HUNGRY! If you can catch them and trap them (in one of the humane traps) take them to the humane society. Here they have a shelter just for feral cats and they will even provide you with a trap and food if you wish to have them around and feed them as there are so many! When they become really unknowing or there's too many coming around, I just send the dog out for awhile in the backyard. THAT deters them and is fun to watch too! He never has caught one though and doubt if he ever will, he's quick but NOT THAT QUICK!

    You can mail it to me.

    What! You should keep it as your own, feed it, love and take care of it like your own like we did. We have now had "Gypsey" for over 4 years now. Our ignorant neighbors move and left her behind. I'm sure she is much happier with us anyway. She is our princess. If you can't do this, take it to the SPCA, they will adopt it out. Good Luck with Puss!


    You are a kind person. Good for you.

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