Would you vote for Trump ? He may be running for President of the U.S.....

    The things that I like about Donald is that he talks straight forward, and He's not afraid to ask tough questions. Also, I think we need a president with business experience.

    The thing I don't like are his comb over hair cut and he's kind of cocky.

    Would you vote for Donald Trump as President? If so, why? If not, why not???

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    Maybe its time to put a businessman at the head of the class, apparently all the lawyers we been putting there have no idea how to run a business and the government running is definitely a business. I don't care about his comb-over, i don't like Obama's big ears.. Or GWB's obvious speech impediment. We need someone that can run a government and is willing to work with congress. (pun intended)

    Someone that cares about the country and its status with its growth, in business sometimes the less productive must hit the road, incentives are given to the employees to do a better job, make changes to the people, not the business. If someone gets 'fired' then there must be a reason for it, fighting to hold unnecessary jobs that have been evaluated time and time again as a drain must go, depending on the government to escort you through life is not what makes growth. Donald trump is such a person that I think can do that, but I will reserve my voting opinion until i learn more about him. Too soon to tell but on the outside, he's different and that's what we need. Not so PC either..


    Thanks Vinny, most people don't understand that the politicians in Washington have had plenty of opportunities to invoke change, many of us voted for change, we gave them plenty of time to achieve it.

    Now it's time to take a stand and get off the couch and get involved, whether it's emailing your Senator or Congressman, or going out to get involved in the political arena. We need good people in Washington, ones that are willing to take action.

    I think he would bring his business acumen to what we need in the USA, not the bum we have now.

    Yes, could make the tough decisions and not worry about his image.

    Yes I would vote for the donald

    I'd vote for Trump. You are right, a skilled businessman would work better than a politician. I also agree that government is a business.


    Thanks Mb, Washington is truly broken, it might take someone with a different perspective to fix it. I think the people should kick all of them out now, let the government close down. They suck.

    He lost a lot of my respect when he had to use the F word to win over his audience, that shows a lack of control and I don't want a president with no control.

    I agree with what your saying, but I have to look at the big picture of what he's saying. The cussing was to show that he will be tough with China, I like a person who speaks their mind and that's not worried about offending people, just tell it to me straight, is what I like.
    Headless Man

    Maybe, long way to go yet.
    @Mmouse I think the question is-- Why wouldn't you???

    No! Because, I don't believe Donald Trump is a serious presidential candidate.


    I guess we have to wait and see how serious he is about running? So do you think a candidate with business experience would help our government?


    it can't be true ... i agree with you pamela. thumb up

    Looks like you were right Pamie, thumbs up.

    Thanks, leeroy for the TU!

    BTW, who has the best answer? lol!

    In my opinion our Government spending is out of control, like a runaway train. These politicians waste our hard earned money like it's free money, when it absolutely isn't.

    We could use a president, congress, and senate, who are realistic and accountable with the American peoples money. Maybe someone with business experience would do a better job? If our government was a business, it would have been "OUT OF BUSINESS," a long, long time ago.

    Why are we just sitting back and taking it? The rest of the world is up in arms over the corruption of power in their governments, why aren't we? Aren't you sick of the governments lack of accountability to their people. They just keep wasting and wasting all of the money we don't even have yet, trying to continue politics as usual.........

    There need to be drastic changes and they need to happen soon, otherwise we won't have a country left for ourselves or our children. When are people going to wake up out of their fog, and realize we have to get of our couches and do something before it's to late?

    Yes He will Get My Vote, at least he is better the OBAMANATION!!!

    If Trump runs for president I would not vote for him, but I would like for him to run for office. There are several reasons that he should run.

    1. He would be spending his own money to try for the office. This could cost him a billion dollars which would grease the wheels of lots of people who go to him for support positions.
    2. He can bring to the challenge his business skills which may help to change some of the ways political rivalry is done, possibly for the better.
    3. He may provide incite into ways to better our governments dealings with business and how to better manage our relationships in international economics and trade.

    But I have not seen where he has said anything about what he will do if elected for our collective benefit. I would study his platform for what he considers important...if he runs for office.


    Cool, I think the problem in Washington is that there are to many politicians there, maybe we need people who have business experience to fix this enormous debt problem?

    Great answer Vinny, I agree I like what I see so far. I think the politicians need to really start taking this problem like it's a matter of life or death, and less like politics as usual.
    They keep fighting amongst themselves, achieving little or nothing. I think the public is getting fed up with the inaction of them.

    Who said you need to be a lawyer to be a politician? That's probably the problem in the first place, have you ever watched a real court case. They all just twist the truth to try to beat the other lawyer, debating is wasting everyone's time. Tough decisions and changes need to get made and they need to do it asap, instead of taking the usual amount of time to do something. The usual amount of time for Washington to get something done is never. t.u to your answer.

    Most of them live in their fantasy world where money and inflation doesn't effect them, because they have plenty of it. They're not considering the average person who is just barley getting by.

    Didnt he go bankrupt .... ? (years and years ago)


    Yes maybe that would help with his experience, seeing that our country is bankrupt? Maybe the government could do chapter 11? ha, ha.

    NOT EVER, not in this lifetime......

    Sure I'd vote for him if he funneled some of his "bucks" into the US of A instead of taking it to his grave or willing it to his "adorable" younguns'! I could even deal with his comb over!


    Fox has had some interesting interviews with the Donald lately, Hannity had an interview with him about the issues, I didn't catch all of it, but it looks like he may be taking this seriously?

    He has investigators in Hawaii researching Obama's birth certificate, pretty interesting stuff.

    ole hipster

    Wouldn't it be rather "funny or maybe ironic is the right word" if no verifiable birth certificate is ever "coughed up" concerning our now President?

    depends on who he run against yes on obama and the eskimo who loves to speak but not lead



    Having a following does not make one a leader.


    I wouldn't say Sarah can't lead, she has quite the following. Like her or not. Just like Obama, IMO he can't lead but he too has quite the following.



    he's such a great businessman he's gone bankrupt several times HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks Gary, I am more interested if you think we should put people with an understanding of business into Washington? If the government were run more like a business and less like a free giveaway of everyone's money, we would be in much better shape than we are now, do you agree?


    Yes he has had his ups and downs, but every great businessperson has. The fact that he reemerged each time bigger, better and smarter about the business world. That said, its not totally the president's call anyway, its congress. where you run a business you make the calls, the government is not run like a business. I won't vote for him but I am opened to new ideas that may trickle down to congress and other candidates, left or right. I am not a party voter, I vote for who I think is best fit for the office. This is a major problem we have IMO, there's so many people that vote never consider the person running, only that they are democrat or republican. They get their ongoing propaganda from either MSNBC or FOX news and all the little puppets that lead the way. We now have a nation of non thinkers, just haters that express their hate in the voting booth.. Thank you propagandist media. before 9/11 we actually had news media that did not voice their opinions, they just reported the news, cold and hard facts.. Now the 'news' media has a target audience and it is turning Americans against Americans for the sake of ratings and to sell products they advertise. It's entertainment now. Give me the days of 'Good night Chet--Good Night David..." It was unbiased news broadcasting and these guys were incredible at keeping their opinions out of it..

    Have any of you heard of Warren Buffet?
    But to answer your questiion yes I would he is a sharp buisnaess man and seems tohave a backbone

    Thank you, good point a politician with a backbone, how often do you see that? In Washington, hardly ever!!!
    well if you voted for Obama to prove your not rasist than vote for someone else in 2012 to prove your not an idiot.

    Yep! Trump's business skills and history testify to innate intelligence and independent resoucefullness. A man equipped to make hard and difficult decisions.

    This country needs a leader who has mastered industry and understands banking, Wall Street, and small business.

    The current occupant of the Oval office has demonstrated ignorance and a complete disregard for commerce and industry [GM - Governmental Motors being one exception]. Socialistic liberalness equates to the death of capitalism and prosperity unique to America. If we continue on our current path, our nation will become yet another casualty of the 'ash heap of history.'

    Incidentally, A President Trump would find the White House barber to be intolerent of his current head piece. :-)


    Thanks for your comment Mat, gave you a t.u.

    A businessman? Really? Business goals are based on profit. Government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. Some people have a lot, some have a little, and some have nothing. It is not the fault of those who have little or nothing in all cases and in order to make sure that all have a chance at pursuing a little happiness, the collective monies are used in some cases to assure that little bit of happiness, as provided for in our constitution. Now how that is interpreted is a horse of another color.

    The check and balance system is what keeps this country in an uproar it seems. One Party opposes the other Party so vehemently that little gets done. If this President is allowed to carry out some the initiatives he talked about in during his campaign, you may see some semblance of change. However, he was greeted at the door with major setbacks. It is one change after another just to keep an even footing in some cases.

    The notion that this country should be run on very little taxes is absurd. The business sector of our country have convinced airheads that running America on a business profile is the way to go. When we lose our sense of unity, which has been hard to achieve forever, we will no longer be the United States of America. It's all about "my money" and the government has no right to it."

    Does the "Don" have offshore accounts? Will he do anything about all the offshore "puppet businesses"? How many jobs are being lost by profit oriented businesses who are not going to invest in businesses necessary to provide jobs for the large number of unemployed? Do they even care? They have jobs, no they have empires and more money than they can count. There is not enough opportunity for everyone in America simply put. It used to be you saved and scrimped to start a business. Then the puppet agency, BA, was created. They spent more time checking your paperwork than they did providing assistance with loans. Now investors put their money where they will make the most return and has really destroyed our economic balance because if a business does not turn a profit and continue to get more and higher profit the next year, then the next year, etc., then they crash the stock market and cause a depression! Dummies who lose their money then want the government to step in and regulate big business after saying they want less government. It is kind of sad where we are headed. We are quickly going back to the dark ages of serfdom, etc.

    Watch and see how your city deteriorates in the next 10 years while you sit back and praise Presidents who keep lowering taxes and not enough comes back to keep up your infrastructure. Also, you keep voting for Representatives who oppose "big government" but keep voting for raises and benefits forever for giving you small government. Are you going to reach in your pocket to fix you highways? Or will you do a Mitch Daniels and lease your highways to a foreign country to keep your local government going? It is getting insane America. I consider it patriotic to participate in supporting my country with my finance, in the form of taxes, and in service to my country wherever I may fit in.

    The attitudes of our people really stink with the: my, mine, stay out of my business, I have a right to, I have a right not to, our forefathers meant, the Constitution guarantees, taking things way out of context and to the most bizarre extremes. When will we screw our heads on straight and start thinking logically and collectively about the future of our country and the people who live here? It is really becoming quite depressing!


    A very long answer, but a good one, thumbs up.
    The more I see of him the more I like mostly, what he is saying. He's right the country is on the wrong track.

    New York Times or post poll: 70% of Americans think were on the wrong track as a country.

    Time for a change, but I would like to see a change for the better. Not just the idea of change or a change for the worse.

    "He's right the country is on the wrong track."
    Every politician says that, lol. Trump says nothing new there.
    There is a spending problem, taxing the rich even more will no way close the gap.

    I agree, I think we should just have a flat tax of 10%, we just need to spend less...
    Nah, he lies too much and has bad hair day everyday.

    yes and u betcha

    No. Why would I?

    He's not afraid to ask the tough questions? Where did you get that? He hasn't addressed any issue of importance. The only thing he does talk about is the birther nonsence and that has been settled to the point a person should be ashamed to even bring it up for fear of being thought an idiot.
    Furthermore, as far as needing a business person in the executative office, Bush was a business major or have you people forgotten that? I don't see him as a screaming success in any way, shape or form.

    jkj, I respect your answer. My thoughts on Trump is he is tough and he is a man of action. I like his business experience, that is exactly what Washington needs right now, I know he has his flaws. But politics as usual wont get our country out of the crapper. WE NEED SOMETHING DRASTIC OR SOMEONE WHO WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER, OUR SYSTEM THAT'S IN PLACE... Maybe there will be a better candidate later, but so far I like him the best out of the choices that I've seen.
    True, so many politicians so few bullets...
    No i would not

    I feel you, what choices do we have right now, not many good ones? who do you like?

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