Chiggers, Has anyone ever been out hiking or got bite by these things? Wow they are painful and extremely itchy!!!

    I got em in Texas from a cow pasture, I couldn't believe how tiny mites that you can barely see can cause so much discomfort and itching. It is said that for their size they have the worst bite.

    Has anyone out there had a chigger experience? What are the remedies? Once you have had a run in with a chigger you will never forget it, that's a fact.

    Does anyone have a link to find out the recommended cures or information on these mites?

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    It had to as bad as I remember the chicken pox being, probably worse. I left that messed up state now though, the chiggers made me move out. lol

    Clear nail polish or Blue Star ointment.


    wow I woke up every 3 hours scratching all over, I used gold bond anti itch, but, it didn't last very long, it was one of the worst experiences in my life, they get up everywhere, I heard they bite you and die, I sure hope so.

    They're not just in Texas LOL next time your hiking put some Skin so Soft on Avon Makes it Chiggers don't like it


    T.u. to both of your answers. Thanks


    Yes that Avon skin so soft is remarkable stuff insect repellent, skin softener, bug and tar remover for your car, you can use it for all kinds of neat stuff
    there is otc stuff you can get for chiggers itch like crazy don't they? I feel for you

    cover the bite with nail varnish

    In my day we would soak in the tub with salt , about a cup full with warm water good luck!

    put clear fingernail polish on the bites, they can't breathe and will die


    Use Chigger Block... its non toxic, deet free and it rocks. I used it all of last year and I stayed bite free. They say it works on ticks too but ticks are not my problem. Chiggers make huge welts all over my legs and arms. Yuck. I use it for bites and the dreaded itching those little buggers cause when I forget to put the stuff on. I put the salve on any bites and then grit my teeth to not itch for about a couple of minutes and then whala the itching is gone. I have to reapply it after about six hours but who cares! I sound like a geek but the sh*% has changed my life. All I can say when I wear it is I don't get bit and I don't have to worry side effects like the nasty stuff. You can chigger block online but it is called chigrblok. Good luck~

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