Migraine Headaches!!!What is the best way to get relief or rid of a migraine headache????

    Any diet suggestions? or home remedies? Have you personally tried the suggestion? How well does it work? When you have to take 6 Excedrin Migraine pills it may be time to look into something else?

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Got to get you over 2K. how about some T.U.!! Heres one for you.


    So sorry to hear that! Sometimes they will come and go for 2 weeks and can be horrible to anyone that has ever experienced them. Sensitivity to light and sound etc.. They are awful.


    Thank you Raider....You have some great answers and questions!

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    Thanks bro, you always have something good to contribute, if anyone out there has had a migraine, you'll know firsthand how debilitating they can be. I hope that other people out there will find this helpful, migraine's can be horrendous!


    Haven't seen very many Homeopathic answers does anyone have any not listed here?

    Stay away from caffine cheese and yeast.... those are terrible triggers. Oddly enough when you do have one tylonel and a cup of coffee is a great cheap remedy. I have tried my Rx releif meds but they all give me lock jaw so I am on my own if I do have one. DARK DARK DARK room and a nap.

    There are effective meds like Elivil and Zomig. I have to lay in a dark quit room with a cold wash cloth over my forehead. I have heard there is some tea that shortens them but never tried it and do not recall the name. Go luck.

    Try Bowen is am amazing and holistic way to treat many things ..and yes including Migraine headaches..


    Thanks again <a href="/users/5895/rippedoffrenter/">@rippedoffrenter</a> and a t.u. to you. thumbs up.

    Try 6oz  Applejuice mixed with 2 tablespoons natural Apple Cider Vinegar. It helped a friend of mine.

    Maybe hitting one's head against a concrete wall for awhile might help not sure I just know those damn things hurt badly.....


    Caffeine is supposed to be good for them, that's one of the ingredients in Excedrin Migraine.

    I've tried pounding my head against a metal walk in cooler door and it only alleviates the pain for a moment of so. It usually makes it worse, lol.

    Hey Leeroy me too yep caffeine is supposed to help and my doc also told me STRESS of which at the moment I have wayyyy tooo much of in my life, but she also told me that weather barametric changes can bring them on.

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    Sorry, I didn't see that this question was posted 11 months ago. Hope you're feeling better.

    I find that a hot shower in the dark does wonders... also I live by Nyquil! It takes the nausea away and as well as the migraine.

    Never heard that remedy, thanks...

    Check your blood pressure. Severe head aches are a symptom of very high blood pressure. If that's not the problem you'll have to talk to a GP. Check it NOW.


    Thanks Ed, yes I have had high blood pressure since my early thirties, but am on meds that keep it under control, usually. Could be I need to monitor it closer.
    ed shank

    I'm on some garbage too. They have had to teek it a few times with different meds. Check it everyday, seriously.

    my doc. told me that a migraine attack is caused by 5 steps or triggers, one compounding the next and so on till the last ,the fifth then triggers the h/ache.the secret is to remember all the triggers that set it off and avoid them.e .g coffee,chocolate ,stress,cheese. etc.another trigger is anything with an ingredient in it that ends in amine,this he tells me is a sure way to set it off.another trigger is flashing have my sympathy i had them for years but they seem to be easing up at long last.

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