Are you safe? Do you feel safe? Do you think the news media is trying to scare us? Why?

    Your children could be getting poisoned at school, watch I Witness News at 5p.m.

    Radiation, is it on it's way here from Japan are we safe?

    Obama is a Socialist that wasn't born in the U.S., what's his agenda? Are we safe?

    What's your opinion on this latest scare, who is trying to keep you scarred and why do you think they want us to be scarred?

    Or like they say are you really safe????

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

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    O.k. here is my viewpoint George Buckley style: NO ONE IS EVER SAFE, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE, GET USED TO IT........Don't let the news scare you into buying something you will never use, the government has plenty of emergency supplies for people if radiation ever becomes a problem, although it is extremely unlikely.

    No, none is ever totally safe b/c to many things are out of control can happen in a millisecond. Being prepared is how you gain some security. Life insurance, home owners, disability insurance etc..
    I love firearms and have a few along with a few thousands bullets for each caliber I own. I have solid wooden doors and extra long screws in all the out side doors. Even have a security system and a few other "modification to my house". Do I feel protected, not absolutely. But, more than not. As mentioned the right of eminent domain, the city of Federal Govt. could decide to build a highway though my neighborhood. There is no protection from that. Our government luckily has checks and balances to keep one part of the government from taking to much power away from us, the people. Each party uses scare tactics to influence our votes. I am a straight down the middle independent. I see Republicans using these scare tactics more on international issues and Democrats on domestic issues, just my opinion.
    Do not let your emotions over ride your sound judgement. Look up as many different view points to gain an understanding on why one party uses a scare tactic. The only real power we can gain is knowledge and that will always guide you the right way if you are thoroughly educated on the issue.


    Good answer! There is really no such thing as safe, it's just a feeling. The news has a lot to do with scaring people and manipulating the public.

    the Chernobyl meltdown in 1984 had a big impact on where i used to live, only in the last few years were restrictions lifted on the sale of livestock from the outer islands!
    it was a very probable cause of the deaths of three of my closet loved ones from rare cancers.
    nuclear power should not be an option!! there are so many emerging technologies which would enable us all to generate our own power cleanly, but wheres the profit in that!!

    Grit Savage

    "food is not fuel" maybe on your planet! but here us humans eat meat and vegetables! and once they are radioactively contaminated we cant eat them.
    and please tell me how you have worked out that nuclear power is cheap? how much does decommissioning cost and the storage of spent radioactive material!

    try making an informed answer/comment in future!

    The only thing to fear is fear itself..

    No your not safe I'm not safe nobody's safe Its how you deal with that important my message to you is look out for yourself because the government wont

    I do not live in fear.....of anything, or anyone.


    thumbs up M.M. Living in fear only causes useless stress and shortens your life span. The things we worry about today usually won't even matter 4 months from now. If you worry about paying your bills, does that make it any easier to pay them? Not to my knowledge. I work as hard as I can no matter what bills are due.

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