Japan, has anyone else noticed how odd the explosion of the nuclear plant looked?

    Just before the explosion begins, there is a strange looking rush of air or light? Could this be the use of a secret weapon, perhaps?? Did anyone else notice this? When something explodes, doesn't it usually blow upward? This seem to blow sideways and downward, and then upward? Strange or not?

    The second explosion looked nothing like the first?

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    Is it possible that the vast amounts of oil being taken form beneath the Earth's surface is causing earth quakes?

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    No it would have been the hydrogen and super heated steam you were seeing.It wasnt the classic fire,heat ignited chemical explosion that you're used to seeing in the movies and comparing it too.
    This was an explosion due to the intense pressure of expanding superheated steam.Thats why they were venting off radioactive vapour yesterday cos the tsunami has crippled the reactors ability to keep within a safe temperature ~ a nuclear power station generates power from a turbine driven by steam,,steam created from water being super heated by the reactor.Steam takes up lot more space/volume than water so when coolant turned to steam the pressure in reactor became dangerous,,by product of super heated steam n zirconium is hydrogen which is naturally explosive


    I have taken a tour at a facility in New Mexico, very interesting thing nuclear energy, hopefully this wont effect the west coast of N. America?

    Just a subtle godzilla joke

    Do you think that this will cause any animals at or near Japan to become extremely large? Maybe like the earthworms in Russia? Could all the old movies now start to become a reality? Were the old movies a prophesy? LOL

    Yes Leeroy and the fact that the generators didn't work, whats up with that? I was wondering if they got a small EMP along with the earthquake that no one can prove didn't come by way of HAARP and the tsunami.

    Roger Willcoe

    and what caused the explotion if it wasn't the reactor? A steam line or a fart from the new guy at termenal 6?

    ole hipster

    Hey Roger I was wondering about the generators too and your theory about the fartfrom the new guy is plausible! lol

    Well about mutant animals i think if any country knows how to deal with the after effects of nuclear disaster it's Japan,it's not exactly Hiroshima !!

    What caused the explosion??,the heat from the build up of pressure,,you know just like ignition in a diesel engine,same principal.As for the back up generator they were taken out by the Tsunami i expect.Of course perhaps it was HAARP behind it all but I think the US has done enuf damage to Japan with nuclear explosions in the past,don't you ?

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