Why is it that if you do many good things and few bad things, people will usually bring up the bad things you did?

    **Are there more glass is half empty people than half full? Why is it so hard to live down our mistakes?

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    Well thought out question. Here is a thumbs up for you and if you think my answer is helpful I'd appreciate the same. Good thinking leeroy!


    For the same reason children seem to inherit more negative things from their parents, than they do positive!!

    Headless Man

    If they only talk to you alone they may really want to help, if offered with love take it that way. But if they go behind your back beware.
    Star child

    I think Headless got it right. I would consider how mush this person really cares for you. Its good to hear the good and the bad from those who love you, you can learn a lot.

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    Probably due to the fact that in other peoples minds the bad things are more exciting to relate instead of the good...makes them feel that they're better people (in their own minds of course) than the other guy! People are strange, what can I say....guess that's part of what makes the world go round and round!


    Yeah Hipster, you said it. It's really a shame so many people concentrate on the negative things, and not the positive. Must be human nature.

    As Shakespeare so aptly put it "The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones." Partially I think it depends on how they tip the scales with regard to how much good they do compared to the bad and vice versa. But then again some people just like to hear malicious gossip about others as was stated above.

    I think we all have done bad things. Some people only bring up the bad because it distracts from their bad things and leaves them looking good.
    to some people not me "happiness is contemplating the misery of others"

    They are simply looking in a mirror. Misery is easy to see, it is everywhere, all men have experienced it to one degree or another. But particularly if one has alot of personal experience in it, and have not escaped or forgiven it. Therefore they cannot see the Good, or recognize it when it comes. They have yet to find joy in themselves, or they would know what happiness truly is.

    That in itself would say they ignorantly feed on the troubles of others, even when they don't have any of their own. Other wise they wouldn't have any identity, if there is no trouble, no misery, then that becomes an issue. Sadly, therefore it is impossible for them to see any good, for exercizing their sight only on troubles; evil. This is the Evil Eye of the teachings; the eyes of the fault finder, who can see no good.

    The Master spoke these saving words to these lost people, saying; "I come in judgement, that those who see not, might see and those that see, might be made blind." An amazing and lifting Parable or Riddle which becomes most practical and simple in its Solution or Revelation. ;-)

    Jealously, people put others down because of Jealously, a sin.


    The predicament of fundamentalists
    Headless Man

    Thank you .....
    A good friend of mine, always says that,"People only remember the last bad thing you did, no matter how much good you have done, If you do one bad thing it overshadows all of the good."

    I think for the most part he is right, I do know a few people who look at your whole record, not just your last mistake. I try to do this, it's difficult when it effects your trust though.

    Most people don't wake up in the morning counting their blessings, so to speak. It would do most of us a lot of good to be thankful to whatever higher power or themselves, to think and act more positive. I am a work in progress and have been reading a book on how to think and be more positive.
    It has been a difficult process changing my habits, but I am happy with the results so far.


    leeroy, it took millions and millions of life times to aquire and to learn our negative thoughts. Thank's to "The Father" for sending His SON,this process is being reversed, and a million times or more at LIGHT speed. Can you feel it happening, is time going faster? Do the years seem "to fly by"? The days getting shorter? "Where did that month go"? Do you think that's just happening by accident, or it's just all in the MIND? What do you think days are getting longer, or the days are getting shorter? Or "I haven't noticed, never thought about it, to tell you the truth".


    By the way you also decribed my life, funny?

    Because sad to say too many people thrive on the bad and not the good.

    maybe we should all duel with feather dusters, then less egos would be hurt.(how about 6 thumbs up for this one trying to reach a k in a hurry )

    It gives people more to talk about and gossip about. Also, it makes them feel better of themselves by putting others down. It takes the criticism off them and right on you even if it was 1 mistake.
    Half full is the only way to go. Remember there is ALWAYS HOPE!

    Because..... In life we are expected to do good, we are not expected to do bad, this is why people talk more about the bad than the good.

    Watch the news media, they report on the bad things that people do, not so much the good.. You lead a clean life, you go un-noticed, step out of line then you become news and everyone wants to talk about it..
    A lot of good answers here I gave a thumbs up to most all of them, thanks for your input into this question..

    It's so sad that we have so many negative people, I had a friend the other day say that I interrupted him to much, but the day before I gave him a ride and went an hour out of my way.

    People just can't look at the good and get stuck on the bad, what a shame.

    Flip Wilson The Devil makes them do it

    Ms Sinclair

    Ah. I love Flip. He was a great comedian.

    LOL . .Sinclair, Great Picture, you look real good! LOL . . . one of my favorite actors . . . you got a great sense of humor, I laughed most heartily! Thxs. ;-)
    This is beacuse, subliminally they don't want to think anyone is above or better then them, has to do with guilt and low self esteem. It is the mystical "Evil Eye" the eye of the fault finder, who sadly can see no good in the world, nor can they recognize it. It is kind of like a mental muscle exercised to wrong way, thus very strong at seeing only fault. It can be changed with sincere effort. These people blind to the good are generally unhealthy, always something wrong someway, somehow, by cause of their having so many Issues in their lives. And if there is no issue this in itself becomes an issue, for that would mean they have no identity. But they have not to fear, for the like is away attracted unto its like. When they solve this riddle in themselves they will be free. For the Solution is ever the Saviour, and they are One.

    Story of life. The human nature is that bad news travels faster than good news and leaves a larger more lasting impression.


    It is not the mission or "story" of Life, but of man-kind's (animal) free choices in the "living" of it. Which choices (freewill)are most generally made by the personality, following the dictates of the senses of the body and the world, not the Spirit. Therefore is most generally wrong. The "Human" part of man is his divine part which makes him a True Man, Divine by and in his Humanity.

    Thus the Humanity part is the Spiritual part of man-"kind" as a whole; its "Humane" part reflected in evolved Men. One is not truly Human nor truly a Man until one transcends the base animal NATURE or behaviours. Life is Divine and Everlasting simply passing through the Existence. Mark well my brethern how you "live" or use it.

    Because sad to say that a lot of people in the world live and breath gossip and others misfortunes. I try to remember there go I but for the grace of God........

    Unfortunately, some people live to hear other people's misfortunes. If you watch the local news casts, the first 10-15 minutes are bad news. When someone hears bad news they can think to themselves, "At least that didn't happen to me!". If you are a person with mostly good qualities, some people will be jealous of you and will search for any little flaw of your and dwell on it until THEY fell better which of course leads you to feel worse. When I make a mistake, then I apologize and then it is up to the other person to accept it. If they do, it should be "water under the bridge". It's no longer a problem. If they can't find it in their hearts to forgive me, that's on them.

    Sadly, tis the nature of man to seek the darkside or faults in others to justify their own. Because of their own self-guilt, they do not like to think anyone has risen above their particular station. A station (Luza), which they cannot transcend. Having the evil eye; these are the eyes of the fault finder; the eyes that can see no good. Thus they are full of ignorant opinions and judgements. Thus do they loose their ability to see any Good even when it tries to come to them they are blinded to it. This is Hellness, unhappiness is the Saddess of conditions . :(

    People are by nature sanctimonious. Consequently, their criticism does not warrant consideration. Besides, ond day they will be haunted by their lack of love towards another.

    "A fly in the apothecary, hath a stinking savor, so also a little folly to a man who is known for understanding and wisdom."

    So they can get you fired and take your job!

    oops. . Sinclair . . what you posted obviously stuck in my mind. LOL

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