Do you think the U.S. military should stay out of the worlds business?

    Why does the U.S. spend so much money policing the world? Should we just recall all of the troops and mind our own business? Wouldn't that help the economy? Is it greed over resources? what is it, and why is it?

    What about this most recent involvement in Libya? Do you think we should stay out of that?
    Why didn't Obama get approval from Congress, do you think???

    Should President Obama have gone to Congress first for approval? Congress does have the power to cut funding to war, should they cut all spending to all wars or just some?

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    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - I agree. TU!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Fair question, I could have gone on and on but figured it best to not elaborate. Thumbs up leeroy


    Do you think that our military's actions in the middle east is spawning hatred toward the American people? wouldn't it be better for the U.S. just to stay out of their business?


    Thanks Raider!


    Yes I think that the USA needs to mind their own business in many world affairs. The Syrian government R shooting their own people, R we going to get involved there, no. We don't get any oil from Libya, Europe does, so why is that place important? The president has in his arsenal "The Wars Power Act" this is decision that is made by him without informing Congress. He did this Leeroy so the Liyan's wouldn't have time to hide their air defenses and other assets, in other words, surprise!

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    Its called The Military Industrial Complex Thats how the US Corp of Government Does things


    t.u.. On your non-traditional way of thinking. Thinking outside the box, you can really learn some interesting things.

    Wars do help the economy. There are so many jobs related to Defense, its not even funny.

    The U.S. Military is needed. For one, to help keep our country safe. I would guess, we have have to offer our support for other countries as well. As far as helping the economy, maybe! As far as greed is concerned, where there is millions and billions of dollars being spent, greed is running in first place!!!

    Speak softly but carry a very large stick
    Nope, I'd even say never.

    This is my opinion;

    US does not send the militaries all over the world for just humanitarian or current economy related reasons. It's a power game, and indeed, the ENERGY war. Needlessly to say, the Middle East is the main source of world oil supply. US must relate with the Middle East nations to get the right and reason to be in favorable positions in any case. Bush went into the wars without even UN's support.

    US must have the military presence in East Asia not because of N. Korea, but because of China and Russia. It's geographically the most important area for US to take any action against those nations.

    And it comes to the nuclear power, the main future energy after oil. US needs to watch and level out any nation's nuclear development. Nuclear power will be not only military power, but also world's main energy source. Recently, right after Tsunami disaster, Japan first refused the help offers to stop the leaks at nuclear power plants by US and other countries. Apparently, They did not want to reveal their know-how on nuclear development. Still, they are selective for assistances from the world.

    Like your answer, tu.

    China and Russia are not surrounding the US with the promise of freedom and the betterment of old out dated cultures in exchange for the obey and comsume culture.

    No, because we are apart of the world. intra-national conlict we should stay out of but not most international issue which can effect us.


    Do you think that we can afford it now, with the debt that we keep building up?

    The USA has troops in over 150 countries, if a soldier breaks down your front door and tells U to get out because he says "this is my house now" how would U feel? This is the type of crap that goes on in these "Stan" countries where we have no business, it is no small wonder why they don't like us! When is our government going to wake up and quit pissing our money away on wars that can't be won? The answer is NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great answer, t.u.. The government is wasting all of the free money they get.

    They obviously don't respect the average tax payer.

    Not to mention we are adding to our enemy list.

    The world needs a leader and it better be the USA and not China


    Doesn't it spawn hatred towards the U.S. when it seems like we are bulling the Arab world, is it just giving them more ammunition, now we are reading to create a no fly zone in Libya?

    that is mainly the reason the government and big business continue to support war. Human lives have not place in the equation

    I believe the US should stop policing the world and work within the structure of the United Nations.

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