If you could have any super power(s) which would you choose?

    If you could be any superhero or have any super powers what or which ones would you choose and why?

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Good question leeroy! A thumbs up to you.


    Thanks again, I am an artist so a little on the creative side.

    Ms Sinclair

    You're a painter? If so, what do you like to draw?

    I don't draw much, but when I do I like to draw/sketch birds. Usually I paint mostly in acrylic and canvas, any I have a unique style.

    28 Answers

    To read the mind of others, then you could help them better because you would understand where their coming from.


    To know what's on some people minds might be a little scary...use caution :-)

    Have the super-power to turn back the hands of time.


    That's a good answer, u have my vote

    It's better than having a time machine where someone could steal it when you weren't looking, like in Back to the future. ha, ha.
    Ms Sinclair

    Or the movie "The Time Machine"

    Being the invisible man (or woman in my case) would be cool. Just think of all the things you could see without being noticed. It boggles the mind!!!

    ole hipster

    OK, OK, I know that it's not a superpower but what the heck, was the first thing that came to mind! Super strength would be awesome also as far as "powers" go. (:

    How about the power to eliminate DEBT?

    I think it would be cool to be a changeling, a person who transform into any object or life form at any time.


    Yah, that would be Martian Manhunter.

    I know I would at least want Superman's x-ray vision to check out the ladies, it would come in handy when you were at a night club in Miami Beach.


    No peeping :-)

    You may want to be sure which ones are really ladies in S.Beach, lol...

    The power to read peoples minds.


    Read mine too!

    Headless Man

    Read mine.........


    Now thats not nice.......take it back! ;)


    I just said I WISH I could, not that I COULD. ;)

    Be able to hop faster then a speeding bullet on my crutches.


    You make me laugh!

    yes tsc,that would be great and very helpfull at times.

    Superman is the ultimate. Batman has all these kick butt toys Bat-mobile, Bat Motorcycle and his jet pack to fly around in. Plus he always gets the girl. Not a bad benefit.

    I would like to be superman. Flying, lazer eyes, superspeed, indestructable..Awesome


    Mindblade on the scene, good one

    Yeah, gotta love Superman, just has the best powers, he would be the crap outa Batman.
    Superman. I would carry Obama off to the Land of no return.
    This is an easy one. I would want the power to heal the sick. The joy in seeing the blind see the deaf hear the lame walk. What could compare with that. Wouldnt it be great to be able to do it without the people knowing it was you. To go near a person in a wheel chair in a street and see them get up and walk. Wow

    I wish I had a time/space portal of some kind. Just think what it would be like to be able to go to any place at any time. Secondly, I'd like an invisibility cloak (ala Harry Potter) to take with me. I could get into all kinds of mischief.


    If you could navigate a black hole someday this may be possible

    Ms Sinclair

    I don't know if that will ever be possible because you would probably get crushed.

    I would choose the power to heal the sick. Just one touch would make them whole again.

    ALL OF THEM!!!

    I would like to take away pain, just until the healing has taken place. I would also like to be able to see inside us all. I think the ability to know what comes next would be great, I know this, I saw it coming. Being equal to all in the world would just be perfect. That's my lot.

    what's the point in having a super power when you don't how to use it, for example, you being a human being, your full of natural powers, yet you use so much little of it to help the world around you, youre a natural super power who's life is detoriating by fantasising yourself with fake non-existence powers. just use your human abilities and be happy how limitless it is. :)

    The power to eliminate doubt.

    The power to say the right thing at the right time to solve all the problems of the world.

    all of them.
    the joker...the ability make any one laugh..humer is the best medician


    Have the power to turn back the hands of time.

    to be part Time LORD part Q and have a IQ off the scale and the strength of million's and time LORD'S time ship the TARDIS I would use my power's to fight for life and protect everyone from evil
    every single one and the one that you make up
    from daman
    sooo cool just imagine sharing another person brain. wow its just there are more choices like being fast, x-tremely good looking etc. lollolololololololololol! ;)
    i would have invisibility and read minds because just imagine walking in a shop and no one would see you or know your there so you would be able to see basically inside peoples heads
    Having sex whenever you wanted. (Without having to pay)

    I've pretty much voted everyone up, but sorry I can't vote up your answer. To odd if you ask me. I could always get most any woman I ever chased or wanted anyway, so I can't relate...

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