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    I had prostate cancer 2 years ago and had prostate removed through invasive surgery. Although my PSA test show no more cancer I still suffer from incontinence in spite of doing pelvic floor exercises.Is there any treatment or therapy which might help my condition?

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    I think that is a question best answered by a very good urologist. I am sure now days there is something that can be done, but you really have to do your research and find a very good specialist as some are not so good. Good luck and I wish you well and hope you find your answer.

    I had my prostrate removed nearly 10 yrs, ago and still have some incontence problems I will just say this not in a smart way I think you will just have to learn to live with it, also Walmart is the best place to buy mens pads.

    My husband has been diagnosed with prostate cancer state 1, but the MRI shows that it has been contained in the prostate, we are going to Johns Hopkins in Maryland, to see their Chief of Urology and he is supposed to be the expert in removing prostates and the side effects. You should call and see if there is anything else that can be done for you. Dr. Alan Patrin at Urology Dept at Johns Hopkins. Good Luck.

    Sorry to hear you have the problem. Did you mean PSA test not PSI? (Afraid I don't have an answer though) Good luck.


    Thanks -psa test,now corrected

    i had da vinci a year ago and still suffer from occassionally still have incontinence, was told i may always have it!

    What type of surgery did you have, deep invasive or De Vinci robotic keyhole surgery?


    Deep invasive surgery

    lookupb kleagle exercises

    The best and only answer is for you to see several Urologists for their opinion. I am sure that one can help you.

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