Big Foot, Skunk Ape, Abdomible Snow Man, why are there so many sighting?

    Is it possible that a large apelike creature still walks the earth that we haven't discovered yet? There are fossil records of a large apelike creature that once roamed the Earth, could it still be around?

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    Orion Markham

    thats good question, but I dont know

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    I think is not more than "town stories". People who gather and talk and make up things and some how it gets out and the rest is history. That is my opinion.
    Maybe too many drugs or alcohol hence seeing things?????
    I don't mean to rain on your parade Leeroy but I am pretty sure the Yowie story was invented just to generate a bit more tourist activity for Kilcoy.There is pretty much nothing else of interest there.
    We have them here in Australia too.In a little country town called Kilcoy,Queensland.They call them "Yowies" & have even erected a statue of one in the township.

    I know this is the worst question I have asked by the lack of interest, but I have seen documentaries on the discovery channel that support the theory that a large apelike creature may exist in isolated areas allover the world.

    Arkansas has had sightings by law enforcement officers and I was wondering if anyone from that area has more information on this subject?


    You lost me at Arkansas leeroy.
    Just like the Loch Ness Monster.
    There are sightings because it is out there. And yes, it is possible that there are species out there that haven't been discovered. It happens everyday and history is riddled with rumored creatures - and those thought extinct - being discovered. Of course there are hoaxers and miss-identifications, but the evidence is pretty hard to ignore.
    Don't forget the Mothman and the Jersey devil.

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