Obama, good President, or bad?

    Please explain why you think he is good or bad, and by what specific actions do you like or dislike?

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    Hello leeroy,
    A lot of conflicting view points. So I think this is a good question. I hope my answer helped a little. You get a thumbs up from me and if my question helped some, I'd appreciate the same.


    Thanks a lot you have quite a few good ones you self, take care


    Obama isn't our president. I have yet to see one bit of
    proof that he is a citizen of this country, either naturally
    born or naturalized. He has spent almost two million dollars
    to hide all documentation of his citizenship. Does that sound
    like someone who is a true citizen? According to the constitution
    of this country, he is not president. He is just a illegal alien,
    residing in the White House, running this country into the
    ground as fast as he can.


    he do not have the inteligent to run this country


    I think you meant to state: "He does not have the intelligence to run this country". Fortunately for you, even though you cannot spell, or compose a grammatically correct sentence in what I'll assume is your native language, English, you get to choose who to vote for in our representative style government. Thank your god, Walter, that there is no literacy test for people like you, or you could not back up your political picks or views at the ballot box. Lucky You, to live in a country where you don't have to know much

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    Since the muslim world likes him so much.Maybe they should take him.

    Rates right up there with Jimmy Carter.
    Have you noticed how big his mouth is now...and his ass.
    Thats because he always has one foot in his mouth and his head shoved up his ass!!!



    quit with the retric and let's look at the facts. He was an obscure senator no one had ever heard of, he was AA, young, inexperienced. Exactly the kind of politician the rich and powerful wanted. He had the Black vote, the young vote, and the vote from those who were sick and tired of all the liars and thieves, he was a shoe in especially with big money behind him. He has been manipulated time and again by those who truly run this country, don't believe it then I ask you what are happening to your rights? Our country is slowly being sold off to the Chinese via our national debt, and with all that has been spent are we any better off, are you any better off, does your dollar buy as much as it did?
    Obama stinks as a president, he is not invested in America he is a puppet to the rich and powerful and the sad part is that he will probably be re-elected or I'm just an old gas bag full of hot air.

    I think you laid it out nicely-- One bump from me..

    The Chinese debt issue started with the Bush administration not Obama. Constitution? how many of our rights were looked after with the Bush presidents? National debt? Who spent billions daily on a war that we wre still paying for? Answer:Bush.
    Wow, what about the rest of the campaign promises? Does anyone else remember, or is the fluoride and chlorine getting to our memories?

    Getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, closing Guantamo Bay, having a website to show the American people where all the tax dollars are going and disclosing information, etc. etc.. What else was there? I think some of us had higher expectations.

    Now that we see the (change) it's just not good for the country.

    The Obama health care plan has over 3,200 pages, while the original U.S. constitution had about 10. Do you think this is making government too big or complex?


    If you were to take all of the paper from all of the proposed and enacted legislation produced by politicians in the last 20 years, we could use it to provide energy into the next century! Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave...

    SO TRUE, the more complicated government makes things, the less effective they become.

    NO , i would never trust a black muslim. And i dont believe he was born in the USA either.


    thanks i thought i was the only 1 who thought that

    Bad job. I really think he should be a leader, since he's the pres. of The United States of America. Yet he's slow to respond to any situation and way too slow to respond to a crisis of any kind. He leans way too far to the left and given the times he's had to back track or changed his mind on things he campained on, I have very little respect for him. This country has become more and more divided since he took office. I realize he had a lot to do when he first took office but he knew that going in. But after 2 + years he should have been able to turn things around. Two years is a long, short time to not actually complete anything. I'm very disappointed in him and I feel like I waisted my vote.

    Im sure it depends on where you're standing, but a president has the power only to fool, and distract.. which is all the power they need while the real puppet-masters pull all the strings from behind the curtains. =]

    Don't you think he deserves a fair chance? Maybe more time will show that he can handle the job?

    Nothing has gotten much better since he took office. The economy is still shit. People are losing their jobs and their homes. Gas prices are over $4 a gallon. The war on terror and war on drugs is still going on. Bin Laden still hasnt been captured. Food prices are going up. The dollar is collapsing.

    I guess what he meant by "change" is thats what your gonna be left with. A few pennies, nickels and dimes.

    dont like him at all
    Oh Lord will you all stop's not wise to argue politics or religion...too many tailfeathers get far as Obama is concerned, just see what his ratings are...not too good..sorry all you Obama supporters...but I'm not impressed..all talk and no is what most politicians are all about..Let JFK rise from the dead there was a president!

    I think he is neither as of now. He really is just a warm body filling the position of US president. He has not done a lot of good or bad yet. So based on that I would rate him closer to a Bad president not by his actions but by his in-actions to effectively run this country and solve its problems.
    Just my opinion for now.


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - In all fairness to President Obama. Look at the list of his accomplishments for help putting this country on the right track, and see if the "good" outweigh the "bad". Keep in mind, he's only been President for 2 1/2 years!!!

    Ok, I have the answer. let Obama get President again and give him a Republican congress like the Bushes had to deal with and see if he can do anything. The congress is the problem that pass all these spending bills and put us in debt $140000000000.

    your ignorance is pathetic GOVT spending reached stratospheric levels since Obama became president
    Headless Man

    I think you misunderstood my sarcasm.

    Depends on the chemtrail inhalation.

    Roger Willcoe

    He's supposedly the commander in chief but doesn't have the cahones to go up against his bosses at the Military Industrial Complex. ie we're still in Afganastan and Iraq. So, no he doesn't tell them anything or he'll get messed up good.


    He's probably the one telling the jets where to dump the chemicals.


    Good point, wasn't one of his big campaign platforms about getting out of Iraq? Bla, blah, blahh>

    It doesn't matter. He's not the one calling the shots. He is just a puppet on strings doing what is is told by the masters of us all how to control us.

    The very worst in American history

    considering what was already on his plate when he took office. He is doing the best he can with what he has. We have to remember that he didn't create the mess we are in and it was all created over time and many presidents...each one just trying his best to undo what was done before and keep the peace. When his term is up guess what the next president will face the same issues or some similar and new ones. America's people are hard to please..we are not united.... He is doing an excellent job considering the cards that were already dealt for him when he took office.


    I think he has the potential to be good, but hasn't done enough or much yet. He spent way to much time trying to get his health care thing done and once it came out it's time to re-write the entire thing. He just takes to long to make decisions.

    He is the worst president we have had since I began to follow politics
    bad where going deeper in deat and the worlds get over run my mexicans close the borrders
    You are a total racist idiot

    This is typical liberal BS when backed in a corner about Obama-- 'You're a racist' There's no racism- Obama is not doing a good job period, he has not accomplished anything in two years, he has not fixed anything and he won't fix anything because he thinks that the way to a successful country is to whore us out. from apologizing for ww2 upto bowing to the Saudis, sending his speeches to the Queen, what has he done? And if you say 'cleaning up GWB's mess you are simply being a lemming liberal again. Just dump the racist remarks ok?? I don't like his white side either, but he's my president and i respect that, more than you libs did for GWB..

    Seriously, don't play the race card every time someone disagrees with the president, that's just presumptuous and wrong.
    We have the most jet-setting President in United States History ever.Our country is in deep trouble and financially. His Priority schould have been jobs and more jobs. He was busy doing everything else and this country is a mess. He is bad for our country!

    Good point Ann, thumbs up. Keep up the great answers...

    Thanks leroy. I worry about our childrens future.
    he is probably the worst i have ever...just an other example of what happens to some people when they get momey and power..they just go nuts
    I repeat no President makes a decision alone... Our Congress
    need to shape up or ship out. I personally feel the Rep/& Dem
    are so busy fighting for their individual causes they forget who they work for. Vote all of the them out and set down some new guide lines, for the new ones. May~ be* some stay in toooooo long???
    So many opinions no real results. "God I love this Country!!!!!!! "

    Bugs has a point, the congress is also partially responsible, but we should also consider when he was elected he had that majority of his party in congress as well. Not much happened then except for the bail out completion and Obama care.
    Good or Bad he was voted by the people to sit in that chair. To do what every one thinks, is the right thing to do.
    I do not enjoy bad mouthing him or any other president that we voted into office. Every time we do, the world is laughing at us. When we are on American soil fine but when the world reads or hears the remarks, we become a joke to the other countries.
    Thirty years ago my Uncle who was a SMSGT in the AF told me " We do not have to worry about other countries defeating us, We will defeat ourselves within". We are so into ourselves , what we think and our rights, we forget how we got those rights. Lots of men died for us to say what we think, any where we want. With no concern about how it affect our Country's image. Child abuse,spousal abuse how about adding Presidential Abuse. No one in their right mind should want that job with all the personal abuse they and their family must live with.

    Only some people put him in the chair, the rest of us despise him and his girlfriend Nancy Pelozi! As a former Marine, I would be happy to have President Reagan back! Alive or dead he could do a better job than the Obamanator!

    Thanks for your duty in the Marines. We are AF Retired. Your right! only some people did put him in the chair, enough votes to win, so in order to get him out, it's called impeachment. No one has started those procedures. Sorry!! Regan was an actor, not a president although we voted for him. Good luck !

    Thank you both for your patriotic answers. Some of us didn't vote for him, in fact many presidents have not won the popular vote and still gotten by the electoral college. It's not meant to be a bashing session, it's only opinion. I gave him a chance and am very unhappy with his performance, so far. Thanks again for your answers.
    he is TERABLE he made me mom lose her job and go broke
    next year dont vote for him
    Obama is a piss poor president and I hate him.

    Hate is a very hard word. Careful that word will take over your life. Hate is additive.

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