Am I being brainwashed by my t.v.???

    The U.S. is currently in two different countries fighting wars that we know of, and now we are on our way to Libya to construct a no fly zone over that country. Why do you hardly ever see our wars in the local news and not much in the world news either? There is a lot about Charlie Sheen and cats stuck in trees. Is the media trying to keep our minds off of what is really going on in the would. Our country is in horrible debt, there is corruption at every level of government. Is someone trying to keep us in the dark??

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    yes! is the answer, susceptible minds will always be fair game to the great illusion .

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    leeroy papa peg here.Idon't have cable tv so i watch Cornerstone tv. If you want to hear news going on in the world.The 700 club news tells what you wont hear on regular tv.


    That's true they do have good stuff on that show thanks

    Yes they are keeping entire America in virtual world by creating virtual worlds with TV's and video games, almost 80% Americans living in virtual dream world, please wake up America, I know you was great country once before and fought for human rights and freedom, but now Obamanation is taking over and America will fall just like Great Rome did!!!


    Very interesting viewpoint, I gave you a thumbs up for you comment and way of thinking, not the normal cow type following.

    Advertisers and television producers spend their days coming up with ways to manipulate your behavior to buy their products and keep you watching their programs. They appeal to all of your senses in order to do this. They painstakingly select images and scenes that will associate their products and programs to desired, pleasurable, and optimum outcomes. Then they carefully select words that will provoke your emotions and behavior in the direction they want –- toward buying their product or staying tuned to their program. They meticulously select moving or well-known songs to play along side the pictures and words so that your emotions are stirred even further.

    Each of these tactics has a profound affect in its ability to anchor the advertiser’s or producer’s messages in our brain –- mostly in our subconscious mind. The repetitiveness of these messages leads to us being brainwashed.

    Yes, quick turn it off.

    It's quite possible they are trying to keep some information away from you, yes. Specifically all the information that proves the government's (any government's) inability to solve certain problems citizens are worrying about. Now wars are not nice, they are cruel and nobody wants to be called a genocide, so better not talk too much about them, either. Or at least don't tell the bad news, only the "glorious" stuff.


    If it bleeds it reads? Wars have lots of blood. I agree the news seems to tell you what they want to tell you.

    There is a reason they call it "TV Programming."

    between drooling over justin barbie and watching Obama licking an ice cream cone, the people are safely distracted. :]

    i agree cross

    Yes you are. Turn it off and quit the matrix.

    Oh . . . by the way an experment was done at the movies showing an image of candy cokes and popcorn, the sales shot up exponentially!!

    If you watch the Comercials too much, thats what they are designed for. Careful studies are done to even find out where your eyes move. Also all that has to be done is to slip in an image or saying every five or six frames; your eyes don't register that you won't see it! Ahjhhh . . but your subconscious will pick it up. Not only comercials but it could be done with movies as well. But be of good cheer it has been otlawed . . . Or ?

    In short, yes the television is the biggest brain washing tool known to man. It controls the masses in an unimaginable way. media has the ability to make or break presidents, actors, change you eating habits, and even make it look like a war is going on or that global warming is real and then make you buy green products and so on creating an entire industry on just that alone. I can go on for ever about this stuff, you get the point. Never do what the t.v. tells you, in fact do the opposite.

    You know, the govenment is tricky. They will tell you that everything is ok, and that they have everything under control. What they really have, is there hand up there ass, middle finger up. They are trying to redirect you from the seriousness of what is transpiring and giving you some tacky bullshit about Carlie fucking Sheen. It get's me so upset that sometimes I feel like sticking my head in the microwave.

    What the government is doing, is showing you the life of a stupid person to distract you from the big picture. America is in debt, and our retard of a president just sits back and lets the actions unfold. Just to vere from the topic for a moment, our puppet of a president is being told by the banks what to do in this situation. He is being told to run America so far in debt that we can not get out. Then he will propose a world currency on us and we will have to use that.

    The problem in Cairo, Libia, and the USA is pretty much the same. All we have to do is revolt against the government and we will get things done too. Maybe our congress will begin developing a brain at that time.

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    Brainwashed by choice?
    I have noted that some people listen to t.v. people because they want to hear what they already believe.
    Problem 1. Hatred of one party or man or group will not solve a single problem.
    2. If you were vote out every member of a party to the county level, do you really believe that all will be perfect or even better?
    When Presidnet Bush was in office many believed that once he was gone all would be great! Now others believe that if the Obama guy is gone, all with be heaven on earth. Get real. The comic strip "Pogo", said it best in 1970, "We've have met the enemy and it is us"!
    Perhaps you would criticize the t.v. people for being so biased? If they were not biased they would go off the air. They are not in news they are in crowd pleasing. They are not stupid, they know what the audience wants. You can't really blame them! It is our actions that are making the errors. Democracy is hard work so get to it!
    Yes, governments hide facts cause we yell at them when they don't


    I don't think other shows that are on television are trying to keep you away from all the things going on in the world, it's just not everyone want's to watch that stuff 24/7, it's not like you are being forced to watch the Charlie Sheen interviews.


    Look em don't make this personal, the whole point of this website is to have interesting conversation and hopefully get some good advice. Consider this: Maybe I know the answer to the questions I am asking, I want to learn more about it and see what other people think as well. It's not about Charlie Sheen, don't you get it? It is about who controls what is being put into the media, and what we believe. I do apologize it I upset you. Good luck with your acting career.

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