Glenn Beck on Fox News what do you think?

    If you haven't watched his show on fox news channel, I highly recommend checking it out. He has a very unique perspective on whats going on in the Middle east, and how it's related to gas prices and our economy. What do you think?

    Today he's talking about the Federal Reserve, very interesting stuff, it's also on at 2am if you miss it.

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    I think he's full of crap.


    The main problem with oil prices is political and
    oil company greed. Believe it or not,we have oil fields
    in Alaska that we have already drilled. They just capped
    them off. Just stop and think, the oil companies could
    just hold these fields over the heads of the countries
    we get our oil from. They could just say, you sell your oil
    to us for so much, and we share in the profits, or we'll
    open up the fields we have in Alaska, and you'll lose a big
    customer you have here. (The oil fields they've already
    drilled in Alaska are bigger than the ones in Saudi Arabia.)

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    I have been following him for weeks now, and yes, he is spot on. The passion that I hold for this country is great, but he fuels my fire. Governmnet is a wreck, talks of the 12 IMAM (Second Coming of the Savior), and plans to destroy America has all been uncovered by him. He really is a great journalist.

    The problome that I keep coming accross is how the media, politics, and the general public are being controlled. There is a plan from someone at that Jeckle Island meeting years ago that's coming to fruition. This really has become a scary place for the everyday American. It's a good thing that I am not that everyday American. I am a FIGHTER.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Nice answer Cross. Here is a thumbs up for you!


    Yes good answer I believe around the turn of the century 1900 there were about 32,000 news media sources now there are about 3,200, that most people get their news. Even when I was a kid you could watch the major networks and get many different stories. Now they all seem to be in sync with each other.

    I love to watch him, he is 99% right on. What is scary is the way they call him names and threaten him, he must be on to something no one wants us to know.


    I totally agree.


    I agree with you too

    I have researched the information he presents and am amazed at how accurate he is. He is sharing key information with the public that isn't being shown on the regular media stations. It's important that people don't believe everything they are told by the mainstream media and that they research the facts on their own. It really is interesting to see what you find. The frustrating part is finding information that should be shared that isn't.


    I think the mainstream media is shrinking and people don't have to many choices on what to watch anymore. It seems like you see the same news on all the channels, which kinda scares me. thanks for your answer.

    Watch him and get a History lesson.

    I think he's accurate, knows how to deliver the message, does and encourages others to do the homework and scares the hell out of me with the actuality of the mess this country is in and in the direction it's headed. I have to turn him off sometimes because of the traumatic events leading up to now and the ones coming, but he's dead on. I love the man.

    You should listen to him and give it some thought. He is (in my opinion) highly accurate. Hear him out and check it out for yourself if you have any doubt.

    Not any more he got so popular he got his own network i believe...

    I like Glenn Beck. He is honest and upfront and has information that we will never hear on any other channel. He is leaving Fox News.Where are we going to get the Truth now? I think this is Conspiracy.

    I guess we are going to have to listen to Rush Limbaugh? Just kidding, I think he's going to have his show on a cable channel, I will get whatever channel he moves to if I don't already have it.

    Me too. I totally trust his reporting

    He's a bit intense at times but if you listen with an open mind and have even the slightest bit of intelligence (smarter than a carrot) you may learn something. In response to "MAC" a couple of more years of this President and the chains you'll be wearing will be put there by the yellow man. China.

    Hey, I'll catch you later, Glenn Beck comes on at 5 and he's talking about Israel tonight.

    When people jump to conclusions without doing the research, usually it's the wrong conclusion they wind up with the truth. Just because someone or thing is different or has a different viewpoint than most doesn't make them wrong or weird. Closed minded people usually have narrow answers and don't wind up learning much in life.


    typo they don't wind up with truth, when they don't do the research.

    Sort of a rush Limbaugh wanna be I think

    I kind of thought that at first, but I've been watching his show and the information that he's giving is very accurate. I checked out a few of the sources that he's used and they were spot on with their accuracy.

    I think watching his show is kind of like getting used to sushi, it took me some time to get used to it and now I really like it. I suppose it depends what type of news you like though...

    Well with Glenn Beck I sort of feel like Ronald Reagan was with the Russians TRUST BUT VERIFY and thats how I see Glenn Beck

    I think he's a fruit paid to wake people up gradually to the lie that is this world. But I don't watch him more than a few minutes a month, that's just the impression I get of all main stream news lately. But, while they don't give way totally on their particular brand (dem. rep.) they do seem to be chipping away at it. We see threw our own eyes. Though I've heard others can see threw our eyes too I'm talking about how most people think the way they see the world is reality but in fact is not.

    I never hear any one say "chemtrails must stop"....Do you feel like a cockroach?

    Headless Man

    Get over it......

    glen beck makes joseph goebbles look like a choir boy.


    Thank you for the colorful metaphor, boyscout would have been a better comparison, being that you are referring to Nazi propaganda. Just thinking, "militarily wise." I catch your drift though, you're probably thinking innocents wise. Maybe taking a jab at his Catholicism? Wow, there are so many different ways to interpret the authors intent of thought in metaphorical language.

    Out Standing

    Do urself a favor and keep watching fox the OBAMA personal haters club the kkk news network!!!! good bye, don't want to spend any more wasted time with YOU .....TO THE FATHER OF OUR COUNTRY (A BLACK MAN) MR PRESIDENT OBAMA.....4 MORE YEARS..4 MORE YEARS...4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

    Headless Man

    The father of our country is George Washington, the opposite of him is Obama.




    george washington was a slave owner and he will have his day in HELL just like rest of them. and it sure seems like you will too if you don't get it right. with liberty and just for all it all started off a lie a big lie especially when one race thinks it's better than the next...PRESIDENT OBAMA is the perfect example of if you pray march voice you opinion without rasing your hand in violence and standing up for what you beleive in things will happen..just like they stole this land they are stealing everything esle..down with george..up with our president OBAMA...4 more years..4 more years!!!!

    he is a racist, then he got scared when our president OBAMA was voted in by the people. not selected in by the thieves who stole al gores votes. but by the people who voted. i also think that glenn beck is a clown and the only way he can keep a audience is to say really stupid things to keep tha atention of his circus

    Headless Man

    Nothing racist about Glenn Beck, Because Obama is black does not make him immune from criticism.


    Don't distort history idiot. Bush won FAIR and SQUARE.
    That's the trouble with liberal democrats. They can't handle defeat when its right in front of their faces. Just like the Wisconsin Democrats that fled the state because they were going to LOSE a vote. Cowards.


    So glad Bush "robbed" Al Gore out of the presidency. Just think if that Global Warming loon won what the USA would look like now.
    GWB, I LOVED THAT GUY. Spoke the truth and had a set of BALLS.


    that's why Florida got the electronic voting machines, but If you are a democrat it doesn't mean you cant watch a different viewpoint does it? I watch CNN the clinton news network sometimes


    after OBAMA became president WE actually saw who the real COWARDS were most of them were the republicans. a very smart black man with high I Q became president and made clowns out of a lot of people. our gov is so divided just because of this black only a blind could'nt see it...glenn beck(kkk)...same thing


    don't play like you don't know.... bush was clearly selected and NOT gore was clearly robbed.....this for that blind clown who thought he won back to beck...two thumbs down!!!!!!!


    I'm not sure if the other members know this about me, but I rarely vote an answer down, unless it is ignorant, or pathetically stupid, or even both. I rarely vote down opposing views unless they are these type things or full of profanity. I had to vote down this answer from Mac, it was just an ignorant answer.

    Being that I have watched the show several times now, I understand that G.B. isn't even close to being a racist. You must be very narrow minded to leave a comment like this. If you play the race card anytime you disagree with someone or if they don't like a president who happens to be black, that is just outright ignorance.

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