Is Income tax illegal?

    I have a friend who said there is no law that states you must pay income tax, because that would be unconstitutional, there are only tax codes. Is that true?

    I just wanted to reopen this to discussion..................How then if it is not the law, can you be arrested for not, or refusing to pay income tax? Can the government do whatever it want?

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    It was enacted during the Civil War as a tempory measure, as the Country was suffering a great ecnomical crisis following that war. It was for a short time repealed as promised then reinstated. I say reasonable is one thing but abuse is another . Sadly that is where we stand today. :( Nevertheless render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser's and unto God that which is God's.

    Hi there. Yes it is true there are no laws that say you must pay income tax. However there are other reasons why they can make you pay. This explanation is far to long for me to write so I'm going to send you to and write in the search bar "freeman on the land". begin watching any of the videos that come up and you will learn how the population has been enslaved and how people are freeing themselves from slavery every day. This information saved my life. I'm no longer a slave and I live my life the way I want.

    Other words and names you'll want to search in your journey to becoming free are Robert Menard, Intro to your human rights, High Jacking Humanity, Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist Addendum, Money As Debt, The Money Masters and New World Order. There is so much information here my friend it will blow your mind. Good luck on your journey. It took me almost two years to complete mine.


    excellent answer thank you, most people don't realize what the government gets away with.

    Evidence strongly suggests that the 16th Amendment, which establishes the income tax, was not approved properly as required by the Constitution and was fraudulently ratified.

    You may never have to pay income tax again--if Ed Brown can get to court — The continuing story of Ed Brown, the New Hampshire man who asserts Americans don't have to pay income tax and can use the tax code to prove it. With enough support, Ed may get his day in court--and that's precisely what scares the IRS. Digg this up, make some noise, and let's see what one stubborn person can do!! Feb 10, 2007
    Wow, I guess this question never got much attention, here it is Pam.

    I know most people don't know the the answer to this question and neither did I so: the friend I mentioned in this question studied constitutional law, earned his degree, and became a lawyer. There is no law that states that people must pay income tax. Crazy huh, but true. Income tax is unconstitutional. It was started during wartime and remained on the tax codes ever since. Are there any accountants out there that could give their opinion on this? If someone can find a law that says u must pay income tax please give specifics.


    Not to mention that the I.R.S is NOT a federal agency, nor is the Federal Reserve. They kept it into action to continue that constant flow of money, that's all.

    They can take my taxes out of the chemtrail fund.


    Why? They would only put it into crop circles, another myth.

    Roger Willcoe

    Is it? Do some research, then go outside, look up, take a deep breath and get back to me before you get alzheimer's and forget what you were doing. Crop circles are real too, the question is who made them (drunks with 2x8s).


    could be a side effect?

    ole hipster

    Tee Hee! Good one, Roger Wilcoe! Also, try NOT paying your yearly income taxes for a while and see what happens, huh?

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