What can the the average person do about GAS PRICES?

    Libya contributes less than 2% of the worlds crude oil supply, yet gas prices continue to sky rocket? It seems like anytime an Arab country has instability, the oil companies use the situation to gouge the public. They seem to think they have the world by the balls and nobody can do a thing to stop them. I remember during hurricane Katrina an oil barge hit a bridge and they used that on the local news to explain the rising gas prices? But when the B.P. rig was spewing millions of gallons a day into the gulf, gas prices remained the same. It makes no sense...

    Check this out we are now looking at a realistic possibility of $5.00 a gallon gas, how do you think this will effect you on a personal level?

    What do you think the high gas prices will do to our fragile economy???

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    We make our own biodiesel out of waste veggi oil from local bars restaurant's, 50cents to $1 depending on the price of the chemicals. 2 VW diesels F350 powerstroke and a diesel Yanmar lawn mower. Had to do something...


    at least someone is doing something, thanku


    You better make sure you pay the federal and your states fuel fuel tax or you will go to jail!!!

    there are no laws that state that as of yet. This is personal use not for a business or for sale.

    Vinny, I agree. Drill here now! To think gas made from cornflakes or electric cars are the answer is very naive. Speculators and OPEC have to be brought to their knees.We have to get out of this "sheep" mentality. Flood the Mideast with oil instead of soldiers.


    very informed reply! When I read this 'Big' oil I see the 'sheep' mentality in that catch phrase. If we could ever convince those that oppose drilling that the only way to move ahead is to push them back. We need to keep America moving. This constant stifling of the obvious facts is what is putting is in harm's way today. We need to be self sufficient and by doing this, we may accidentally kill a frog along the way, and even have a mishap but the results would be less or no dependance on foreign oil and America would stand up tall again.. There's always sacrifice to get ahead.

    Some of these answers really get to me, raise gas prices to 10 bucks? Force people do do what you want? More control of the people but not the situation? How can you dare say that gas prices must go up to force people to buy less, there are so many people that can barely afford 2 bucks per gallon let alone 10. What about them? They make minimum wage, have families, they can't aford a new prius so they drive what they can afford, a 600 buck beater that gets 15 mpg.. that's all they can afford! You can say walk or take a bus, what if you can't walk a distance, what if you're a senior? what if you're handicapped? What if you're broke?, looking for a job and paying 10 bucks a gallon is a little unfair dontcha think? You making 6 figures? You go buy a prius, all of you drive a prius, maybe when the supply gets so high as it will eventually be, fuel prics will come down for the poor and they too can get around.

    If we would begin drilling, the speculators will go into a sell-sell frenzy, prices will drop, even though the newly acquired oil hasn't even made it to the refinery. It's not the oil companies raising prices, its the investors/speculators. We must keep moving, 10 bucks will bring us to our knees, we need to continue research on alternate fuels but in the meantime, we can not make people suffer, stop the speculating, drill, and research. we can pull out of this slowly but doing the shock treatment of 10 buck+ will create a chaos here of which we haven't ever seen. Let's be patient, Lets get the prices back down before everything goes up as a result of it. You don't think 10 bucks per gallon will not have an affect on what you buy at the grocery store? how about paying 10 bucks for a gallon of milk? 15 bucks for a dozen eggs?? This is what your 10 bucks+ will create..

    i agree,gas prices go high and because we depend too much on it they know nomater the price we gonna pay for it like it or not.i think people need to start walking,riding a bike,or public transit to lower gas consuption and i think that ill be a good way to make oil companies lower prices.


    The government in Mexico only allows gas to reach a certain price, and then they keep it at that price. I don't remember what the number was, but when I was living in San Diego in 2008 people were flocking down there to fill up their tanks.

    Mexican gas was so highly in demand and it got so congested that they had to start limiting the amount you could buy at one time.

    Yes, I am waiting for the Mexican gas jokes...
    I've just read an article that believes five dollar a gallon gas, will soon be a reality. What the heck are we going to do??? I think my old mountain bike is going to the bike shop for a tune up. What the hey, I need the exercise anyway.

    I have no clue how the average person will be able to afford this???

    SOMEBODY needs to invent a motor that will provide energy to power a household. Once that is done the muslims will be swimming in their oil. Their economy will come to a hault. They are nothing without their oil or too much of it.


    it may have already been invented, I've heard that the oil companies buy up the patents on the gas saving and alternate source fuel type stuff

    Just lower the gas consumption (drive less, but an economy car etc.), that's what we all must do at the end.
    In my opinion, the government should raise gas taxes NOW and force us to change our gas consumption habbits.
    We're financing our enemies, and this has to stop now, before it's too late and they acquire nuclear weapons!

    My household heating bill was far more than my auto fuel cost so I've been nicking away at household fuel for 3 years. There is more work to do on that. Insulation, caulking, window upgrades, and on and on. I cut my summer cooling bill by 80%. I have a swamp cooler rather than a compressor type AC unit. I removed the huge rotary fan on the swamp cooler and replaced it with a cheap box fan . It runs just as cold and cost very little to run.

    By increasing my tire pressure from 30 psi to 40 psi my MPG went from 18mpg to 25mpg. Also a lube job. Safety checks passed on the tire pressure. Drive less, slow and planned trips.

    Won't your tire treads wear out quicker ?

    Just in the middle of the tread.

    That is sooo true we don't have very many choices out there Where can I go to buy an electric car or hybrid? Is it affordable? There are so few alternatives, who is holding them back?

    O.k. I don't think we should do nothing, maybe when the prices get higher people will start organizing protests? It would be helpful to carpool with people from work. Maybe write or e-mail your congressman, but seriously is there a website out there that could help us to boycott gas buying on specific dates or times?

    Our community resently shut down a bio fuel plant... it was only up for 3 years.. there was no demand for it.


    There a so few choices on the market for alternative vehicles and the ones that are there are pretty expensive. It's a shame they closed down the plant. Willie Nelson started his own bio fuel company in Texas, he sells to a lot of truckers. I heard that diesel engines were originally designed to run on bio fuel. thanks for the comment.

    I had an eMail that makes sense. In Australia we have two major outlets, Shell & Caltex, the suggestion was boycott the petrol stations owned and operated by these two giants and buy your petrol from the smaller independant outlets. Sure the "Giants" supply the small outlets BUT, they still have to maintain their own stations so if the sales from these company owned servos dried up they would have to reduce the price or be stuck with money guzzling no money providing outlets. They could not stop supplying the independants as that would be their cash flow. Thoughts?

    I have seen many comments about how Big OIL is gouging the public and its true they are and no one seems to have a idea as to how theres anything that can be done about it. Well maybe we can't control the price surges or can we ! It seems to me that IF THE OIL INDUSTRY WAS TREATED LIKE A PUBLIC UTILITY THAT WOULD HELP OUT AS FAR AS PRICE SURGES GO. MEANING THAT GIG OIL COULD NOT RAISE PRICES UNTIL IT WAS APPROVED BY A PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISION SORT OF LIKE GAS ,WATER, ELECTRIC COMPANIES HAVE TO DO NOW BEFORE THEY CAN RAISE THEIR RATES It's a thought to think about.

    Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials, such as coal, petroleum, biofuel, or biomass, into carbon monoxide and hydrogen by reacting the raw material at high temperatures with a controlled amount of oxygen and/or steam. The resulting gas mixture is called synthesis gas or syngas and is itself a fuel. Gasification is a method for extracting energy from many different types of organic materials.

    The advantage of gasification is that using the syngas is potentially more efficient than direct combustion of the original fuel because it can be combusted at higher temperatures or even in fuel cells, so that the thermodynamic upper limit to the efficiency defined by Carnot's rule is higher or not applicable. Syngas may be burned directly in internal combustion engines, used to produce methanol and hydrogen, or converted via the Fischer-Tropsch process into synthetic fuel. Gasification can also begin with materials that are not otherwise useful fuels, such as biomass or organic waste. In addition, the high-temperature combustion refines out corrosive ash elements such as chloride and potassium, allowing clean gas production from otherwise problematic fuels.

    Gasification of fossil fuels is currently widely used on industrial scales to generate electricity. However, almost any type of organic material can be used as the raw material for gasification, such as wood, biomass, or even plastic waste.

    Gasification relies on chemical processes at elevated temperatures >700°C, which distinguishes it from biological processes such as anaerobic digestion that produce biogas.

    Nothing! Control is in the hands of governments; certainly not the people. Consider purchasing a motorcycle or scooter. We can learn from the Europeans and Asians.

    That said, little question that gas prices could be dramatically reduced if Obamavich and congress would circumvent the environmentalists and permit a massive move for independence. However, that will not happen. Control of our economy has been transferred away from the people to the beginning of a world order. You can be sure Obamavich is party to that agenda.

    use another mode of transportation or carpool. in fact, i hope gas goes to ten dollars a gallon , which will finally force us to go alternative forms of energy.


    Here here!

    Quit using so much!!!!

    Call and write to you US Senator and Congressmen and make sure they vote to change the laws to allow for more drilling of the trillions of barrels of untapped crude oil still in the ground in the US and off of our shores. Also ask them to support the folks in North Eastern Pennsylvania that want to turn Anthracite coal into diesel fuel. To hell with the foreign oil Sheiks

    Ever since Katrina, the big Oil corporations keep coming up with excuses to gouge the consumer. While the consumer is suffering, because we have no choice, we have to go to work, the Big Oil Companies continue to enjoy record profits. The average Joe can do nothing. Our hands are tied. We are at the mercy of greedy executives and businessmen. If we had decent representation in Washington, (from Obama down), this would not be allowed to happen.

    just lay back and take think obama pays for his gas?

    first we need to find out who owens or runs the oil drive to any gas station and who is bihind the counter? a jew or an arab.they control the oil industry.banking real state.and this all over the world.the Amirican people does not owen any thing any more. motels. mini markets.taxis. they owen movie industry.televition networks. you name it they owen it. the bad thing about it. they do not hire any out side help.they take their money back to their finance the war against us. we need to boycot. we need to wake up before it is to late.

    you probably get 6 to 8 hrs out of electric cars,a lot of cities are installing outlets to plug into while your at work or visiting etc

    buy electric

    Stop driving. Lower demand = lower prices.

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