why does my dog stink

    no matter what we do she has odor even rightafter a bath

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    Dog ownership is rewarding in many ways. Dogs love you, no matter what, are always happy to see you, and will remain faithful and loyal to you as long as you are there for them. But when you have a stinky dog, it can be a little off-putting. Some dogs, no matter how often you bathe them, continue to smell. Read the tips below to find out why your dog still smells so bad after his bath, and what you can do to change that.

    Vet Check

    It's possible that your dog smells bad because she is ill. It's important to rule out illness as a possible cause, so take your pooch to the vet for a checkup. If illness isn't causing your dog to stink, then perhaps your vet can suggest some ideas to put an end to the problem.

    The type of shampoo you use when you wash your dog can affect the post-bath smell. Most shampoos only mask smell with pleasant odors. Luckily, there are dog deodorizing shampoos on the market that have ingredients to remove the underlying dog smell, rather than just masking it.

    Brushing your dog regularly will remove loose skin and hair that may be trapping odor. As an added bonus, brushing your dog will decrease the amount of hair he sheds, making it much easier to clean your house!
    Doggy Wipes

    If your dog stinks after a bath, you may be tempted to bathe her more often. Research suggests that dogs should not be bathed more than once a month, as more frequent bathing can create skin problems. However, there are doggy deodorizing wipes on the market for in-between bath times when your pup starts to stink.
    Bath Basics

    Make sure you're rinsing your dog thoroughly after shampooing him. Leftover product can irritate his skin, which may cause infection and increase the stink. Also, make sure you're drying him properly---use a blow dryer on the coolest temperature to ensure your pup is completely dry. This will help avoid the wet dog smell which can linger for a while.

    It's important to regularly clean your dog's ears; the longer the ears, the more prone to ear infections the dog will be. If your dog has very long ears (like a basset hound or cocker spaniel), they will likely drag in food bowls, in water bowls and on the ground. Dirty ears or ear infections stink. Use pet ear cleaning products, found in your local pet store, to clean pup's ears.

    Read more: Why Does a Dog Stink After a Bath? |
    He may be rolling in dog poop from other dogs. A friend of mine's spaniel loved to do that. He may have dental problems.
    He may have some kind of infection in his genitals, or a bladder infection.
    At any rate, he needes a bath.
    Headless Man

    Think you have the best answer so far.......

    Thank you for the positive input, Randy
    Dude wash it >.<

    Dude, he does "no matter what we do she has odor even rightafter a bath "

    do you let her go outside to play create restrictions bathroom only outside.... if that doesnt work try the vet your dog could be really sick

    Wow. You're an expert, aren't you?

    more of experience.. hope that wasn't sarcasm =P lol but if the vet says theres nothing wrong give it better baths hehe

    READ the whole question...he did bath it, oh aware one.
    Does anybody read the question properly before they jump in with a funny, or rude, answer to a serious question? The whole problem is the dog still smells AFTER a bath. My father breeds dogs... I have dogs... and I think the first answer says it all. The first stop should be the vet, but the rest of the advice is good too.

    I have given this advice before,but here goes anyway. Save the left over fat from roasting & put it on top of his food.He will love it,it will make him smell better & make his coat shiny.Dogs process this stuff differently to us & it's good for them.Even pour a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil on his food & this will help also. I got this advice from a vet years ago & I have used it on my own dogs. IT works!

    I would say then it is time to take your dog to the vet and explain this to your vet as it sounds like to me something is going on with the dog.

    My dog had skin problems.  Under her hair, her skin as always red with rashes.

    No matter how often we washed her, she smelled. She was in so much agony as she got older, we had to put her to sleep eventually...when she was 11.


    It could be caused by the food he or she is feed on ? look up on the web feeding your dog on a completly natural diet.I have always feed my dogs this way.

    she gets a bath regularly and manicures and spa treetment sometimes i think its a dashound thing 

    chubby mine is a dashound also that what i was told by a vet that it was alergies maybe it is the breed i was wondering if it might be a bacterial thing thanks for your input 

    someanswers where helpful others where not i guess ever where you go their are ask wholes why do you want to be like that your parents would be prowd all i wanted was help for my pooch if you caint say anything good leave it alone

    well you know i have a doggie and she smells bad too, even right after i take her a bath. so mayb it does have to do wit watr kinda breed they r.. but if someone has any gooooooood advice on this subjet plz dooo. my doggie is a mini pincher..:)
    either it is sick or u havent taken ur dog a bath

    no matter what we do she has odor even rightafter a bath
    you need to give it a bath wash it with shampoo

    camron, he does bath it. Read the rest of his question.

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