My daughter is now 15 and i hardley see her now , mabey once every 4/6 weeks bc i live 3 hours away and it costs me a fourtune in gas i can,t afford, And now she is starting to want to skip those weekends to hang with her friends, says its boring her , but with the gas i can,t afford to take her places and pick her up , any advice other than an getting an other job,

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    Smarten UP. She is NOT a baby forever, there FOR You. Every Time you feel a little lonely, or bored. GET A DOG ! Like MOST woman DO !

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    She's 15 cut her some slack, pick up the phone, and reminder her you love and miss her. Little girls never forget their daddy.

    Just keep open lines of communication with her even if you do not get to see her often reinforce that you love her, stand by her and are there for her. At the age she is now, she is too busy with her social life with friends for any parent, it is a stage she is going through. My best advice is to always keep the lines of communication open and let her know you love her as you do she may appear to not be listening or paying attention but I guarantee you she is and will always remember that so hang in there.

    Well the girl's growing up and want's to leave the's sad but natural and all us parents go through something similar....Just let her know you will always be there for day she will want your reassurance

    Your daughter is at an age at which her friend seem to be the most important thing in her life. But behind that, she expects her Dad to be her rock. You don't have to be there physically at all times to be her rock. Talk to her when you can, ask her how she's feeling about things, and tell her how proud you are of her. Continue to parent, though, as much as you can. She needs parents along with friends. As long as she sees you making an effort, and keeping in touch with her, she will feel secure in life. Maybe she won't show you at this point how she appreciates that you are her Dad, be the strong one and give freely of your love and support; one day, she'll look back, and not see that you were physically absent, but that you were indeed a valuable and loving piece of her life.
    This is how it was for my Father and me.


    What a pile of POOP. WOMAN & GIRLS are self serving, self indulgent by nature. She will do what's fun and easy. DAD is just easy money.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    52.5centimeters you have a direct no holds barred of telling it like you see it. It is funny to me and thanks, thumbs up for your directness.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Amy Smith you have the politically correct answer and the most empathetic. Thumbs up for you as well!

    She'll come back to you when she needs money. Just wait. In the meantime, keep in touch with her via phone, etc.

    well the thing is shes 15 now shes got her own little social life with her friends doing her own will always be her dad though and she will always love you and she will always be in your life.hope that helped a little bit

    Forget about her. I Got 2 kids 1 female. When she wants some money, thats all you'll ever BE. EASY MONEY. Now she will latch on to some poor sucker, and bleed him. You think like a woman ! Sound like ONE TOO !

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