does anyone??

    Does anyone else have a child that is autistic? My daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago and even though she is 6yrs old and still can't talk, eat solid foods and has the learning capacity of an 18mth old. I am finding this extremely hard to take in and would be nice to hear from someone in a similar position.

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    I'm a handicapped person and my mother took care of me.I don't know anybody that has an autistic child. But keep up your good work.A good MOM is hard to find.

    I often work with autistic children some have limmited skills when it comes to communicating... some who have asbugers (spelling) are more social... all of them are super special... You are going to do a great job... research help... when she is a little old they will give you a spectrum. Just know as with all children it is alot of work but well worth the effort you but in.

    I don't have any children, but my best advice is to act as if the child is a genius and believe it.. strange strategy i know.. but life has strange lessons, and I can imagine that she may struggle with being stereotyped by others, so she must never believe that because her brain is defected, that she is actually inferior. People with a bigger mountain to climb have lessons that they can handle, or they would never have them in the first place! You must believe that she is special! :] sorry I hope that it wasn't ignorant of me to write that.. your situation is no less hard, you have your work cut out for you too.

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