Who first made up the English language? I know it was after cavemen.

    who decided on the words we use everyday to communicate? Even the simple one's like what, the and sometimes? This is a question that i have pondered many times and would appreciate some useful answers, thanks.

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    Not an easy question to answer here. These two links should give you the information you're looking for.

    Origin of language




    Sounds like she wanted someone to do her homework for her. It looks like anonymous sender obliged her. Good good, another one taken care of.

    Grit Savage

    <a href="/users/1329/leanne27/">@leanne</a>. are you another one who wants a simple answer because you cant be arsed checking it out for yourself? it aint simple! why do you think people study this stuff for years and years and go on to get degrees, phd's etc. just read the links and you will get an answer??

    lazy as!!


    Thanks for the useful tips and not a silly answer but i wanted a answer not another place to look??

    It's a good question, but it was an evolutionary process.. there are only about 4 pure languages on this planet, meaning source languages that were formed with a rhythmic quality; hebrew, arabic, and latin I believe.. chinese is original as well but it uses symbols.. english is not one of them, so our language and most languages in the european empire are derived from original latin. English evolved away from latin, just as language is always evolving.

    The english language is not a good language, because there's one hundred ways to say the same thing, and yet there are still important words missing that are found in other languages.. it is a corrupt language, which is why it is becoming the universal language. It's the equivelant to black magic, because of its deceptive qualities. They love using english to write bills of law because they can get away with more.

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