why is it always the good people who leave first

    Why is it that people who are loving,hard-working,kind and good hearted leave this earth far too young and evil,cruel people like rapists and murderers live a long healthy life????

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    Once again nice question. Wish I had a better answer. My heart goes out to you and leeroy for your early loses. Thumbs Up, Friend.

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    They have completed their mission, and have been relieved of the shackles of Earth. Rejoice with them, and if you are good at your mission, you may soon be joined with them, but then again, if you're enjoying the gift of life that God gave you, don't rush it.

    My Dad died when I was twelve, he was a great father. We feel helpless when we loose a loved one but, that's where faith comes in. It really depends how you view it. Death is a reward to a Christian and a eternal bliss. Life is tough and there are a lot of bad people in this world, but there are also a lot of good people left as well. Try to look for the good in all things, not the bad. Maybe they should make the death penalty happen more swiftly instead of letting convicted felons sit around til they turn gray?


    my dad also died too young and i do have faith and still pray most nights, it's just hard to handle the unfairness of it all. I don't agree with the death penalty though, i believe only god should judge and pass sentence, after we leave this earth and the good will go to heaven and the evil to hell.

    The good die young b/c God needs them to be are guardian Angles. God Bless all of us.

    I love the response by Paula 75. Excellent grasp of reality.

    Fortunately, not all 'good' die prematurely. Many wonderful people - old and young - populate our lives and convey blessings of all strands. Perhaps you are one of them.

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