why do we celebrate our birthday every year?

    why do we celebrate our birthdats every year? What is so good about gettin older every year?????

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    Hello leanne. Thank you for the thumbs up vote on Tigers and Polar Bears. This question of yours deserves a thumbs up from me. Sorry for your loses but, check out this question dealing with heaven, "Why is not death glorious if we go to heaven?"
    I think it might help some. God Bless.

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    it is a gift to be in world!


    that is VERY true, i watched my father die at only 45 from lung cancer and he wasn't ready 2 go, he had soo much he still wanted 2 do. I am VERY grateful each year i am still alive, i just don't want to celebrate the fact im getting closer to the day that i will die.

    Have you ever considered that instead of thinking of a birthday as another year older you, could celebrate your mom's birth day. I recently realized this and sent my parents flowers thanking them for the life they chose to give me. It was her that carried you with love for 10 months and her that spent hours in agony bringing you into this world so you could experience what life is.From now on March 8th carries a different meaning to me, I am forever grateful for their decision 42 years ago.

    It's not that you are getting older, it's that you have survived another year

    So we can get presents and eat cake!!!

    As I get older, I don't really care that much about my birthday, plus I'm born near Christmas. The weather is bad, people are busy with Christmas shopping , so I don't want anyone really bothering with it! Anyways besides my boyfriend, sister and mother I just assume keep it to myself. But Nope, friends and co workers insist on making a big thing of it anyway! I guess I should be happy I have people that care for me like that! But really I don't want anyone to bother about my birthday!!!

    It's not to celebrate another year towards death, but to be thankful you've survived one year, and the hopes that you will live another.

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