lice treatment

    If your head still itches does this mean the lice werent killed by the treatment?

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    shampoo your hair and towel dry...put a good amount of conditioner in and cover with a bag or cap over night and wash as usual. The conditioner will suffocate the lice and repeat in about a week if you have missed any eggs. If it is just a dry scalp the conditioner will treat that as well.

    YUP Better treat again unless it was just done and you think your scalp may be dry from the treatment. But generally the lice itches will drive you nutty if you didn't kill all the little buggers.

    you have to comb out all the little dead buggers I'm afraid or yr head will keep itching......then use a regular shampoo with tea tree oil in or rinse with vinegar to keep the little devils at bay.

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