how can a 11 year old lose whight

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    Andrew had the best suggestion. EXERCISE! Riding a bicycle (peddling hard not coasting a lot) will burn a lot of calories. Fruits and vegetables as snacks, water instead of milk, soda and juice (more juices on the market today are extremely high in sugar). Milk is fine for meal times but not in between. Less sweets and sugar. You are 11. You can lose excess weight easily. Good luck.
    cereal with low fat milk for breakfast.........salad and cheese sandwich for lunch..........piece of fruit...........meat fish or chicken with lots of steamed vegetables and a small potato for dinner........fruit or a small treat in the evening.Walk at least 20 minutes a day and keep active.
    put down the video games, stay away from 'mcdonolds" , burger king"....maybe play some sports,baseball, basketball... or even ride a bike or hike reguarly... oh and a good diet
    Get up and play outside, exercise, run, play sports(the real sports and not video games)

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