Why do camelons have eye problems.

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    I had quite a few Chameleons when I was a kid. None of them had eye probs.

    country bumpkin

    How do you know? Did they tell you?

    All critters including humans have problems with humidity and temperature. Nature provides wide variations that evolved as part of life. These natural variations of lighting, heat, humidity and independent ability to choose these various environments by the choice of location and available foods has permitted all living creatures to survive. A constant environment of heat, humidity, light, food and water insures your pet will die of problems not found in nature among their species because the lack of environmental variables. Usually I hear of illnesses that result from smoke, air or water pollution or excess ingestion. Your Chameleon may have a bacterial or fungus that commonly develop in static environments like that of a typical house or apartment with thermostatic and humidity controls set for invariable human comfort precisely.

    I don't know, but they come and go.

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