is unemployment a way for employers to have a loop hole

    What I am saying is I just got back from a surgery , I know my health is not the best . But my contribution and years of service where well rendered . They could not lay me off because of health or job performance , so they used the economy as a reason . I did not know that insurance rates the cost of insurance per business . I thought is was a group plan . Is my company doing this legal ?

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    If you work in most states they have a "right to hire and fire" at will. They will usually not give you a truthful explaination if you worked there for a good amount of time. I not sure what you are saying in the 3nd to last sentence. Our you saying you did not know the cost a company pays for its employees to have health insurance? They do pay a group plan but, when you lose a job you do not get that group rate if you wish to continue with a COBRA plan. You can usually find health insurance cheaper than most COBRA plans. Your company is probably with in the law but, being unethical firing you b/c you hurt your back. Get Well and check with a lawyer to be sure. It can not hurt.

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