Fix freezing computer

    how to stop a computer from freezing up? and how to take off errors on a computer?

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    Start up your computer in safe mode by tapping the F8 key several times as it's starting up. Download Microsoft Security Essientials, and Microsoft Malicious software removal tool. Scan your computer with both of these programs and it should find the Trojans which you more than likely have.

    Good luck!

    Trydownloading systemcare it is a free application that fixes bugs within the operating system and cleans it up from registry garbage.

    I would be VERY careful of downloading any program that scans your system or clams to be able to fix it, unless you know the source. Viruses, worms, and bots are more and more being imbedded in bogus scanning downloads. The safest way is to go to a computer retail store like Office Max and purchase the CD's in a box.

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