how do I support my wife being overweight

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    Love her!!!! Dont critisize.... make changes without thowing them in her face.

    Encourage her to go on diet, even join her on diet if it helps. Doing exercises, at gym, walking is also good. Your loving husband to care.

    She's still the same woman you fell in love with on the inside even if her outside has changed. Support her by helping her to get into a more healthy lifestyle. Offer to work out with her, or go for a nightly walk with her, diet with her, shop with her to choose more health conscious foods. Be the partner you meant to be when you married her. Meet her 50/50 on this. I'm sure the changes in lifestyle and eating with do your body a world of good too even if you do not have a weight issue.  ;)

    Tell her you got used to her being around and for selfish reasons you want her around much longer.  Her losing some weight will insure that "you" will have her around for a long time to come. A pat on the ass and a peck on the cheek wouldn't hurt.

    Just support her and realize that no one is perfect, suggest some healthy activities and meal ideas,never push her or make her feel less than a woman,either way she is your wife,we all have flaws.Good luck and God bless!!

    ...and if all the suggestions presented here so far, don't work.  Tell her the truth !  Good luck !

    Morning walk with her, sign her up at a fitness center, take her to Souplantation on a frequent basis.  Watch less TV and cut down snacks.  On top of these, give her tons of encouragement. 

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