How involved should the US get with Libya?

    It is hard to watch what is happening in Libya and not want the US to step in and help protect the people from pro Col Gaddafi's forces. But on the other hand where will it lead us and how long must we be involved? We have learned the hard way that "nation building" is a not easy and may in fact be counter productive to our interests.

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    I think the U.S. should start becoming "uninvolved" with all these other countries. It's time to take care of our own instead of trying to show the world how "great" we are in helping the less fortunate when we have so many less fortunate of our own!

    NO NO NO AND NO didnt we learned the lesson with IRAQ, we need to leave them alone and let them solve their own problem, didnt you people hear what Leader of the rebbels said: "We will NEVER welcome the Americans and Westerners here in Lybia even if they will help us to win this fight"!!!
    We are going to be hated aftermath if we will get ivolved!!!

    The US should get involved just enough so that both countries make good out of it

    It is my belief that the US and Uk will get involved. My son is already in Afghanistan and is on readiness for Libya. Since the Lockerby bombing when a USA airliner was blown out of the sky. Obviously backed by Gadaffy and his hench men. Our two great nations have waited for any excuse to get one back. However it is becoming quite a hot spot and the entire area is in turmoil, as the police of the world it is their duty to step in, protect the innocent population and to make darn sure that no one worse takes control. In the long run to protect our peoples. (YOU AND ME)


    Please see: "Iraq" and "Afghanistan" and "Vietnam".


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