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    strong text who is george bush

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    Ex President of USA

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    You're right an American President needs to be strong and tough and quick on making decisions, if he has values and strong believes he will, Bush did, right or wrong. Obama on the other hand puts his finger up to see witch way the wind is blowing before making a decision, then makes the wrong one.

    Headless Man

    I respect a man that will stand by his values, even if I don't agree, if I don't agree I won't vote for him.

    A man with visions of self Grandour , A man who will be judged as the President who got us in the longest war in US history. A classic example of the Military Industrial complex President eisenhower warned against.


    And what part of the Military Complex is Mr Obama using in LIBYA the past few days?


    My point is this, if one president (Bush) is considered an example of military complex supporter, why isn't Obama considered to be JUST AS involved with the military complex as Bush? Are we saying that only a DEMOCRAT president uses the United States military in a "responsible" way? By the way, I think we should keep our noses out of Libya also.


    We have no business in Libya but at a million plus each the mfg. of the Tomahawks is totally for Mr. Obama


    It's all about the oil libya has it all!

    George Bush by far the worst president ever to come out of America, no wonder, look at the way he got in. Thanks to him her really put terrorism on the map and the world will never be the same again.


    It is important to manage the last few " friendly " nations . It is important since we are not anymore the leading country . So we have to use diplomacy and more concern for the other . It is what are doing any country with their neighbors . Nothing wrong .

    I can't say that I was a big fan of George Bush, what I can say is that he was a hardheaded strong ruling president, who made the tough decisions and made them quickly.

    Obama I liked at first and now I have been let down with his lack luster performance. He takes way to long to make decisions, and when he does he appears soft. I hope he will get tougher and be more decisive, but the world views him as weak.

    The American President needs to be a tough leader, make the hard decisions and stick to his or her guns. I am beginning to think that maybe I should have voted for Hilary Clinton, she seems to have more balls than Obama. Sorry I like him, but he's just not doing a good job so far.


    Thumbs up Randy, He just seems to take forever to make a move on anything.


    Yes Mr. Bush tough hardheaded and fast draw . Again the Military Industrial complex


    What's wrong with you guys??? Bush fucked up the economy. It was good he was tough for 9/11 but he went to Irag and killed Sadamn when he should have been lookin for Osama Bin Laden. He prolonged the war and a lot of young lives were taken for weapons of detruction that were'nt even there. Bush was tough,but did he accomplish anything? hell no!!!

    A great president that history will judge well. Unless its written by the LEFT WING media.

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