Is there a relationship between the Viet Nam, Agent Orange and dental health?

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    My Grandmother's sister had a husband who was an airplane mechanic in the Vietnam war.  He died from lung cancer only a couple of years after the war and it is speculated his demise was caused from the exposure to Agent Orange, His sister-in-law tried her best to get his story told on 20/20 or 60 Minutes.

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    Well, agent orange was deployed in Vietnam. Dental health though can be attributed to the drugs use there. Rot your teeth....

    I would think so , b/c the toxic chemicals went through- out the whole body via the skin, capillaries , and bloodstream. It  could adversely affect any organ in the body. My g.friend's ex- husband was in Vietnam, wading thru all kinds of agent orange in the jungle. They had a severely disabled son......mentally and physically, who finally died at 13. And the agent orange gave her husb ( while she was married to him).....a large strange rash on his leg, then bad headaches.., .......then finally M.S. 

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