would you all please pray for me and my son, we are going through some necessary changes and could use all the support we can get? thanks- god bless

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    You have my best wishes that things turn around and start going in a positive direction for you and your son. Single parenting is hard. I hope you have good family support. That's always a big plus.

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    my family is very judgy and doesnt see that each of our experiences are used for a purpose and that we all have different clues to look for as to who god is to each of us. they see low income as a sign of inferiority and that people who work in the 'trenches' must be pious and never have made any mistakes. that people who have never learned the tough hands on lessons of life albeit of their own mistakes have any worth they are less than and who is god to use people with a past yet they preach....frustrating. as long as people fit into their cookie cut roles they are ok in their eyes. but the minute you think different or act different than they do youre cut off. they dont know you any more. sad i cant believe i come from my gene pool sometimess. guess i have to overlook their mistakes too. hope they never have to walk a mile in my shoes i dont think they would get very far.sad but true i have made a lot of tough decisions and i dont know if they would have chosen the right way basen on their closemindedness:(

    I hope and pray all goes good for you and your son. Keep the faith, it's the only thing that works.

    it wont be easy but i so hope things work out for you,keep your chin up


    thank you

     jjbug is one of our newest members and could use some support. Just bumping this up so it's visible.

    The problem is every time you make a decision that is wrong people try to judge you like they have never made a bad choice, we all have, God will forgive if you ask but you will need to learn to deal with people that won't so quickly.

    Good L-U-C-K = living under christ kindness.

    consider it done

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