how,the car parks in blackpool

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    Prices here>




    Hi CB - I am not sure why anyone would ask this question as prices throughout the UK for parking vary from place to place. The Olympics were a joke all around people had to register their cars at their homes to be able to park.
    country bumpkin

    It was a big mess?

    Yep it sure was - there was a comedian on the TV tonight making a joke about his neighbour daying "I can't get out of my turning" in his cockney accent - just so funny.
    country bumpkin

    It's good to laugh!

    Hi again CB -it is so good to laugh you are right. Would you believe it is 4 o'clock in the morning here - just one of those nights. The remainder of a programme here called "Question Time" which I watched yesterday - among the panelists former Democratic major of Cincinnati Jerry Springer and Colleen Graffy former chairman of Repulicans abroad. Almost the entirety of the programme consisting of discussing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney(did not know he was a Morman). Very informative speaking of 8.3% unemployment saying never before had a President been elected with this kind of figure. Also promises made by Barack Obama re Quantanamo Bay and how he was going to shut it down(which he did not) and take credit for all the assasinations. Also health reforms, which it was said 40% of Americans could not afford health care with a member of the puplic saying direct from the States that he had a heart bypass costing approx. 156,000 dollars then got prostate cancer and this costing him 50,000 dollars or there abouts which together was more than his house was worth. Speaking of the middle classes being so poor and of course the 16,000 trillion dollar debt. Saying the American Dream had become an American Nightmare and there seems very little between the candidates and Mitt Romney changing his stories all the time. They were saying however there is very little between them. And of course much more in the debate with Americans in the Audience firing away with their questions. Seems the world had just lost its way every which way we turn. So glad to hear you are well and seem OK.ox.
    country bumpkin

    We're in a pickle here in the states. I don't want either of them in office. Well I hope all is well with you too. Get to sleep, woman, the sun will be coming up soon!!! (*~*)

    This is the way everyone feels cannot remember the phrase used but essemtially either one will not make much difference - so I understand it though Obama inherited a lot. I am finally going to the bed cannot do all the symbols used on here but I send you a smile to ridiculous that I am up so late the TV full of Obama.

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