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    How do I keep insects out of my house naturally?

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    Use vinegar in a spray bottle. It works. Also you can use any kind of herbs in alcohol or vinegar. The best ones that I have used are rosemary, mint, spearmint, tarragon and citronella. They last about one to two hours long. Let the herb sit for about one day. So the oils can expel in to the alcohol. then just spray as you want.

    I reside in a small community and livestock is in the area. I have chickens, deer, dogs, horses and many species of birds nest in my yard. I have a useless cat that chases other cats away and does nothing but eat. There are spiders in the house all year. I don't spray anything that the chickens,spiders or other critters may eat. I rarely see any bugs inside or outside. Since I started raising chickens the outdoor bug populations that were more like swarms have vanished. I do see my house spiders and if a fly comes in the house the spiders have found the fly before dawn. I feed wild birds and I've seen them going for every bug they can find. Ants come into the house in the spring and I feed them sugar water with a tiny pinch of boric acid. The ants are gone in two days after that. Alcohol on a Q-tip dropped into a sugar bowl will drive them out very quickly.

    Keep the door shut and/or display a sighn saying ''insects keep out''

    Stomp on them until they are dead.

    Hi. It really depends upon the type of insect. If it's spiders put horse chestnuts in the corner of your rooms. if it's mosquitoes hang mint in your window.

    Don't keep windows or doors open for a long time with a large gap, and if you do, close the curtains. Also leave a jar of moldy jam or honey just outside a window or door. The insects will go to that instead, get stuck and you can chuck them away.

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