imigration laws on green cards and visa

    how long does it take to get a green card or visa and how much does it cost

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    There are various ways to qualify for a Green Card and a person may have several choices on how to apply. For example, a person may qualify for a Green Card through employment but also qualify for a Green Card through a relative. In this scenario it is important to understand what type of application will be more likely be approved and processed faster. Obtaining a Green Card through employment means that the applicant must first have been issued a work visa, such as an H-1B Visa, and that the applicant's company must act as the Sponsor for the applicant. It is recommended to learn about the different criteria of eligibility for Green Cards and to determine how you can best prepare for your application. The Green Card application process is different depending on what criteria the applicant qualifies under and whether the applicant is applying from within the United States or abroad/go to the site
    Also, green cards are given out by a government lottery. A certain number is allowed each year. You must apply for the lottery.

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