rhirhirhi123, Stop TD people, I warn you. Back off of me....I don't want you to read any of my stuff or offer any comment....I am going to vote TDs on you a lot more from now on.....

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    I'm not sure what is going on, but a 11 year old kid should not be on this site...especially without parent supervision.  There should be an age requirement to sign up for this site.


    The administrators tried that, having an age limit. Kids only need to lie about their age. I've checked her questions and found nothing inappropriate. I can not suspend her or remove her because there are a ton of other kids here as well. I can only suspend them if they ask inappropriate questions.

    I hear you. Kids will always lie. But this rhirhi123 initially lied about her age by using her mother's identity. I don't know about other kids, but now that we know her age and that she did lie, I don't think she should be allowed back on this site.

    She posted on her profile about that. We have so many kids here. If I get rid of one, I have to boot them all and then the complaints pour into the admins box that it's not fair that they can't be on the site because there's no stated rules that kids can't be here. rhirhi did not post anything that broke the vulgar or abusive rules. I did not get to see where she was thumbs downing anyone many times so I couldn't get her on that.

    Hi, are you getting the td too. Hope it stops.


    This is insane, eggplant. I think the woman and her child share the same password. Hence, I don't know who's doing the TDs. First of all, we don't have to be inundated with tons of questions from a 11 year-old kid. And that kid probably did all the TDs and then wondered why we TDed her back.

    Sigh. I already told you not to have a karma war. The admins could have given you back your karma. You have put her to -140 karma. She could only give you a TD if she had 65 karma or more. I will now have to have the admin reinstate her karma and explain why which means they may suspend you. When someone is TDing you for no reason, send a message to the admin and they will give you back your karma and message the person abusing the karma system.


    Best thing to do is ignore them.They will eventually get bored & go away.

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