What does CTE stand for

    It is used in Engineering Plans

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    CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Academic & Science » Electronics

    CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Miscellaneous » Plastics

    CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Governmental » Military

    CTE Career and Technical Education Community » Educational

    CTE Center for Teaching Excellence Academic & Science » Universities

    CTE Cardiotech International, Inc. Business » AMEX Symbols

    CTE Computer Telephony Engineer Business » Positions

    CTE Countdown To Extinction Community » Sports

    CTE Commitment To Excellence Miscellaneous » Toastmasters

    CTE Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Academic & Science » Academic Degrees

    CTE Conditional Tail Expectation Academic & Science » Mathematics

    CTE Commander Task Element Governmental » Military

    CTE Carti, Panama Regional » Airport Codes

    CTE Computer Telephony Engine Computing » Telecom

    CTE Controlled Tractive Effort Academic & Science » Physics

    CTE Cen-Tex Rail Link Limited Regional » Railroads

    CTE Community Training Enabling Community

    CTE Control Tractive Effort Business » Products

    CTE Controlled Testing Environment Computing » Software

    CTE Common Table Expression Computing » Databases

    CTE Charge Transfer Efficiency Academic & Science » Electronics

    CTE Central Timing Equipment Governmental » NASA

    CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Medical » Physiology

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