why are we on earth

    like how are we on earth

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    Because Mars appears to be uninhabitable.

    .... and we got kicked off of Mars ...



    Nobody told ME..............................

    Is that a pic of the sky scrapers on Mars ?

    yup .... Mars people !!! Too many cosmic rays ! ;)
    Indeed it is a depiction of a city on Mars ... cool eh ?

    Wow, it's really, really Mars? When is the next bus?

    I know right? I think that may be a shopping centre city there .... gold's prolly really cheap!! LOL

    ROMOS? You did not receive the fax? Dude!

    And there lies the first commonsense words that man asks that really means anything,,for me the answer is God the Creator and the word of God, the King James version of the Word..that's me,everyone else that asks that same question,has to find and stand by their answer,,and as i believe my choice to be right so do you,,and when we all get to the finish line,the chaff will be sorted from the wheat,then we will all know who did not and who did make the right choice.....Always nice talking...>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<

    There are many theories and beliefs from many different religions.  But my idea is thank God you're here and be happy and thankful to God for this life.


    I'll buy that.

    We are on earth to glorify God. And it says in the bible........God made Adam and Eve b/c he was lonely and he needed someone to till the soil.

    God is good. but I believe in evolution. We started out as single cells and evolved from there. Time finds a way……….

    "Thou shalt go forth and....."


    "" as often as possible"!!!

    This book pretty well covers this question.

    I have read this book with others in readers groups that requires about a year to get through it with a group consensus understanding of the book. It is a very well written book and is about the history of our world. It covers many topics from the origin of God and the ascent of man. I was so interested in this book that I have started five study groups to consider the opinions of others and to enhance my own understanding also. All of these groups involved  university professors, doctors, priests and preachers in different religions, students, and professional people. We meet once or twice weekly in the evening and we often saw our number of participants increase as we proceeded with the book reading a few pages at a time.

    Because earth lies in the sweet spot close to the sun, the right amount of radiation, and a magnetic field protecting the earth. Asteroids have not wiped life off the earth.


    Did you see scientists trained the hubble on a very small sector that was blank-just a black spot in the heavens. After leaving the telescope alone and allowing it to time expose for a period of time the pictures exposed thousands of galaxies and star systems, all pretty much look the same, we are only one of those galaxies. Conclusion is that it would be theoretically impossible for intelligent life not to exist. Seems amazing but only because we live in our box and find it difficult to comprehend the enormity of the universe. None of us can. we must view things with a beginning and an end, we can not comprehend eternity or endless space.

    They have identified 7 or 8 other planets around a sun in the sweet zone that could possibly support life . We exist so there has been or will be life somewhere else.

    It would be unreasonable to think otherwise. I know that a lot of bible followers would disagree and say the universe was created by god and that God's children shall reign over the universe. But first of all, this does not mean 'earth's children', it means all life, all universe. That's a big place! It seems to me that if you are one of God's children it would be unwise to think of god as that stingy person that creates the universe and planets as grains of sand on the beach and only put life on one grain of sand. I don't think so. 'we are not alone'

    Vinny, we aren't alone, the mother ship according to farrakahn is circling earth.

    Where else is thier to go until we can all afford to go on the Star ship Enterprise,

    Because 4.5 billion years ago an asteroid crashed into earth.  it brought with it microorganisms that flourished and evolved into fish, the fish evolved into reptiles, the reptiles evolved into monkeys and monkeys evolved into politicians and the rest of us are still monkeys.    

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