cat losing patches of fur part two

    she is an inside cat...i do have another cat but they get along been together for 4 years..dont
    see any fleas on either cat ...there are no scratches in the area..did notice part on her belly and
    down the back of her legs...its just really strange...had cats all my life and never seen this before
    she only eats dry food i will change it see if it the mean time should she see a vet? could it be something serious?

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    Cat fur loss is also known as alopecia and is one of the most common problems. It could be caused due to various ailments and health problems. While some shedding is a normal occurrence, severe loss of fur could indicate an underlying health problem. Some of the common reasons for fur loss could be ticks, mites, fleas, allergies, and glandular diseases.

    Fleabite allergy is one of the most common causes of fur loss in cats. Cats are generally allergic to fleabites and this may cause an intense reaction for a very long time. Other parasitic attacks may cause cats to pull out fur and when the situation gets out of control the cats may actually chew themselves in order to get rid of the itching. This is a condition known as mange.

    Long-haired cats and young kittens are prone to losing fur due to ringworm. In such cases, hair loss is seen around the face, ears, and feet. The cat will lose fur in small patches and the skin will become dull and gray.

    Cat fur loss is generally seen in most cats that suffer from glandular diseases such as hypothyroidism, Cushing's disease, and hyperthyroidism. This type of fur loss happens in a symmetrical pattern on both sides. This may be caused due to overproduction of steroids by the adrenal glands.

    Cat fur loss could also be due to psychogenic alopecia where the cat may pull out fur due to psychological reasons such as stress, nervousness, anxiety, or fear. Since cats are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, any change in the environment could cause allergic reactions to their skin.

    Food allergies are also another common cause for fur loss in cats. If they feel itchy, they might scratch their whole bodies and this will lead to fur loss. Frequent licking due to pain may also lead to loss of fur.

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