How do you block a call from advertisers from your home phone?

    How do you block a call from advertisers from your home phone?

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    Get on the Federal "No Call" registry.

    Phone: 1-888-382-1222


    That was going to be my suggestion glad you gave them the number. Also, after your number has been on the "DO NOT CALL REGISTRY" I think for 30 days, and they keep calling you can file a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry and I have done so and I found it worked. You can do this on your cell phone as well.


    Glad I could help. That site is a few years old already. It was enacted by the Bush administration when telemarketers calling people during dinner hours was running rampant. People wanted it to stop. Since I registered my wife and I have no problems with annoying phone calls anymore. You still may get calls from companies that gave your number out if they recently did work on your house such as Rug Cleaners,Plumbers and such but basically it works.
    Glad I could help.

    ole hipster

    Thanks for this info TSC. I didn't know about this site and it's extremely helpful!

    You can ask them forcefully to "please be taken off their call list" Legally I believe this they are supposed to do. I find it works most of the time. I don't however know who to report to if it is not done. I know how annoying these calls can be. I realize these people are only trying to make a living (of sorts!) but it feels like a definite invasion of privacy to me.

    After you get the company name and the name of the person your talking to tell them this call is being recorded, your on the federal no call list and your going to call the better business bureau if this isn't the last time you hare from them. Call the person by name a few times while your telling them to beat take charge. or, tell them the previous residents moved or this phone number is no longer in sevice or some phone companies will block the #, then call the # back and make sure your # has been removed. Most don't like the better business bureau. good luck

    ole hipster

    I tried that with the phone company (blocking their # I mean) However, good old AT&T wants to charge for this service! (seems to me it should be free considering how much they charge for everything else!)

    Best way I found was to say you live in social housing. or are unemployed. You will be suprised just how quickly they take you off their list. So no need to offend anyone, after all they are only doing a job and trying to support their families too.

    thanks guys

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