what do I need to do to teach kinder gardes children in wy

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    Most likely, you'll need a Bachelor's Degree with a major in liberal studies or education.  You will earn a teaching credential (mine is K-12, multiple subjects) which permits you to teach the age/grade and subject matter (NOT a High School English credential, for contrast). 

    The teaching credential requires a selection of additional courses, along with a year of practical experience (supervised) in a classroom. 

    MOSTLY, you need the desire and the patience to work with 30 or more 5-6 year olds, many of whom have AD/HD or worse....My friend is in a kindergarten classroom with a deaf child, one with a genetic disorder as yet unnamed, and one who is missing every other rib and has trouble maintaining balance.  Then add the behavior problems....

    First, you need to improve your spelling. Second, you need to get a bachelors degree in an accredited university or college in the school of education . ........a 4 year degree , including student teaching in grades  K-  9. It varies slightly from state to state.


    It looks like a transposition, not a spelling error....we ALL make mistakes....

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