Where can you get something done when the county Sheriff's office REFUSES to do their job??? Even AFTER I gave them (the S.O.) MORE than enough information and PROOF to arrest AND charge the sorry-excuses-for-humans who burned my furnished house, THEN later broke in, stole over $5000 worth of MY furniture and personal items including family heirlooms, left the front door lying in the living room floor and trashed what was left, the SHERIFF'S OFFICE tells me to leave them alone because they have already spent too much time on this case...THEY did NOTHING!!!! THEY never questioned a neighbor, took no fingerprints, did not even attempt to get a search warrant, nothing!!!! Even after they SAW MY oak dining table on the BACK DECK of the trailer those creeps were evicted from, and with THAT property owner also telling them she saw MY stuff in "their" living room, all the sheriff's office did was tip them off that I had turned them in by knocking on the door to ASK the thieves if they would return my property. The Attorney General's office said the Prosecutor makes a decision from the criminal investigator's report as to whether it's a felony or not...THERE, again, lies MY PROBLEM....the INVESTIGATOR did not investigate!!!! SO WHAT CAN I DO NOW???

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    Check with you state Attorney General. He's the chief law enforcement officer of your state. File a complaint with him/her.


    I live in Arkansas...Hot Spring County

    papa peg

    What State do you live in

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    Mr. You should just keep quiet now that you know the police and DA aren't going to do anything about this quit talking about it wait a bit then do what u thinks right.


    I am a firm believer in karma, and "everyone will answer for their actions", but I can't help but think if I had to handle this myself, the good Lord would just pat me on the back and say "job well done"!

    Smith and Wesson would make a better sherriff for most of us.

    You can try the local news, there is usually a reporter who handles community problems like yours. Also a private investigator may be a huge help, such as a retired detective.

    Also you may want to try emailing your Congressman, usually they will respond or lead you in the right direction, I am sorry to hear about the horrible ordeal you have had to go through, many times when the cops don't cooperate it could be a friend or relative of someone in the department?
    Best wishes and stick to your guns.......... Don't give up!!!!

    what city you from


    I live in Arkadelphia AR (Clark County) house was 16 miles south of Malvern AR (Hot Spring County)...BTW, I WORKED IN THE HSC COURTHOUSE 20 YEARS AGO....know the county judge and several people who still work there, also know a few state troopers...Checking into that option now.

    Are these thugs related to or friendly with anyone in the Sheriff's office or does anyone in that office have an axe to grind with you personally? I'd look into that too with a lawyer.


    The only axe they would have to grind with me is that I've stayed on their butt to DO SOMETHING... As far as the theives, the guy, stays in and out of trouble; his brother just got out of prison; 6 years ago, their father shot and killed his girlfriend, then himself. "She" snorts whatever she can get. I've known "his" mother for 38 years and "her" mother and I were best friends for 32 years...BEFORE she asked me if they could rent my house. The day my house burned, my long-time "friend" looked at me like I had committed some unforgivable crime; SHE hasn't spoken to ME since...1 year next week.

    get a lawyer.. a good one. Now!



    It depends on where you live. Lawyers are usually only licensed to practice in certain states. Start with your phone book and find lawyers who might take on small claims cases. To be considered a felony, in some states the value of the items taken has to be more than $500 other states, it's $2000. Anything less is larceny which usually results in a slap on the wrist and MAYBE some probation time with orders to return or pay the fair market value (used value not new) to the owner of the items. Even though people are ordered to compensate the person they stole from, they often don't pay up.


    Not just a lawyer for the theft which is a prosecutable crime indefinitely, it's common law.. but also for the police who did nothing.


    No one is above the law.. that is utterly ridiculous, and they're pulling your chain. I would be even more eager to suit in your position after hearing that.. what a chance to learn.


    do you know of one???


    When the ATT GEN office told me the Sheriff's Office is governed by, and answers to NO ONE (because it's an elected position), I told her if I had to file a suit against the thieves, I WOULD also be filing against the S.O.!

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