do women fight more than men?

    my question is do women start the argument and fight more than men? or men start the argument first? and end up fighting first?

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    Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Yes.

    Its a man thing

    well i believe men also love to fight...:D in case of my husband leaves no chance to start the argument or make a scene...and i know few more who enjoy fighting with women to just let them down :O

    The women do...but it's because of the men!!!!! :)

    100% women. When I was married house rules were. NO laud arguments, No fights~discussions only, NO throwing things~slamming doors~drawers. that worked fine for years. Then wiffy on advice from OTHER women and nasty MOM. Started using dramatics and antics. Soon after that was the end of relationship and I avoided her like, The social diseases she was. Peacefully single again thank GOD


    hormone problems also trigger anger n mood swings...she needs to be evaluated by a doc.

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