I really like this guy but need advice...

    He is very sweet and good in bed, but he can be very annoying. He also told me he is 20 and only turns 20 this year. He doesn't have a license or car or job. Most the time we are smoking so I'm relaxed and it's funny to me.. However I am not going to smoke 24/7 365 for the rest of my life.. keep him or kick him to the curb? He is really sweet but I don't know if it will work out. I know its my choice but i wana know... WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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    Thumbs up on you just being smart enough to ask this question, it shows your intelligence. Some people are to afraid to ask or just stay in the wrong relationship for to long.

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    Well to be honest I believe I would open myself up to finding a better boyfriend by letting this one go. Sweet or not , it sounds like he has no ambition in life and will be 40 and still living at home with his parents.Unless you are into supporting sweet annoying leaches on society...then one would think he is a boy toy...once you've outgrown the toy then donate it back for someone else.

    thanks mom, im pretty sure thats what I am going to do, just needed to make sure I wasn't being a b!tch about it lol
    Is he appealing when your not stoned? The fact that he doesn't work at that age is an issue you should take very seriously if you plan on getting serious with this guy. 20 and no car, bad also. Screwing and smoking all day may seem like fun now but eventually you both have to grow up. He's lucky your not mt daughter, the only smoke he'd see would be coming from his ass after I got done with him.

    It sounds like he has emotional problems. If you stay with him you may get emotional problems too. I think I know how you feel. You feel sorry for him and you think you can help him and he's fun. Your relationship won't work out. You posted two months ago!  What happened with you two?

    ok so whats his occupation or work history and is he activly looking for work ???Are u or do u in his eyes seem well off or wealthy ? sweet is a easy attrabute to maintain early in a relationship.whatever u do u need to have rules, guidelines, limits, that will let u know when the lines are been crossed (such as money lending ,car use to others and paying others way) as well moral issues. So be very careful, play if u want but dont get used and keep a keen eye out for someone more suited to u, dont let this guy hold u back make sure ur in charge of ur life.
    ask him if he'll changed, because you you want
    to do something better in life.
    and if he say no then get the hell away and find yourself a new boyfriend.
    Sounds a boring existence to me,see what life has to offer and start to live a bit.
    buy a carton of cigerattes

    i think she was talking about smoking pot ?

    WTH is a 'cartoon' of cigarettes?? LOL

    Why don't you sit down and map out a strategy to gradually improve over the next 6-12 months, after both of you have quit smoking pot, of course.

    If you continue to smoke pot, neither one of you is good for the other.  His mom may not want you around either.

    After you are clean, go get jobs or go back to school.  You two can always change and get better if you're willing to try.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the improvement you're going to see.

    If you don't quit smoking pot, both of you are doomed any way.  Good luck.

    Sweetie, take the advice of all of these older people that have been exactly where you are now, Mom and others gave you some great advice.

    Don't waste your time with less meaningful relationships, if you are with the wrong guy, when the right guy comes along, you will either miss out, or wind up cheating on your current guy.

    Either way it will cause trust issues with the new guy, or you will miss out on what could have been. Move on, you're young, the older you get the more difficult it will become to find a quality person. Eventually we all start getting married and start families.

    The sooner you meet your Mr.Right, the better, and if you are involved with Mr.Wrong, it will only make things tougher on you and way more complicated. Hope this helps.?
    What would I do?


    Do something with your life before you find you are 32 and all the men you meet are married.
    Good point MOM I'm there with you
    How old are you?

    Well, I think you are this guy is basicly a bum who loves to live from others, I have seen many of them, you are young and your life is ahead of you, I would suggest dump him and get ready for real life!!!
    the curb seems to be the right place for him, find someone who can give you more than a cheap thrill your only 22....30 comes mighty fast you dont want to be doing the same things then.
    girl you dont need a guy like that get a guy you have a lot in comon with and who has a job cuz he probly thinks you will take care of him but it is supost to be the other way around froget about him find someone els fowllo your heart do you love him ??? do you want to marry him ??? do you want to spend your life with him ???
    you only want the sexthen or u to blind to see you wasting time with this jerk?
    find someone else hes not worth your time

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