can a person drink heavily every day and never have liver problems

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    I doubt it......unless your very lucky.The same applies for heavy smokers,there will be damage in the long run.

    I have known many people who drink heavily and never have a liver problem but I really wouldnt advise this as you can get throat cancer tounge cancer through drinking  but there are some people who drink moderate and have liver problems if you think you have a problem see your Doctor asap

    Over an extended period of time? NO. They will suffer liver damage eventually.

    Supposedly you are referring to alcohol.  Excessive drinking of it will make it hard for the liver to detoxify.  The liver will be damaged over time.

    Drink what ? Water ? As long as it is agua .... shouldn't have any problems. The only problem will it be to find a "pipi" room near all the time. LOL

    yes when they die from liver failure ,,,,,,,their liver problems are over, but it's possible a whole new set of problems might arise1

    They have great filtration system.

    no definitely not

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