What is TWM

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    Acronym Definition
    TWM Tab Window Manager
    TWM Tom's Window Manager (now Tab Window Manager)
    TWM Travel West Midlands (UK)
    TWM Transboundary Waters Management
    TWM Three Wise Men
    TWM Total Waste Management (trademark of Entech Industries)
    TWM The Wimshurst's Machine (band)
    TWM Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd.
    TWM Third World Majority
    TWM Tyne and Wear Museums (UK)
    TWM Total Workplace Management
    TWM The Weston Mercury (UK newspaper)
    TWM Tilburgsche Waterleiding-Maatschappij (Netherlands)
    TWM Tarot World Magazine
    TWM Transnational Ecosystem-Based Water Management
    TWM Talk with Me
    TWM Two Way Monologues (concert series)
    TWM The Wine Merchant (Raleigh, NC)
    TWM Three Wave Mixing
    TWM Thermal Wave Model
    TWM Throat Wobbler Mangrove
    TWM The World Management
    TWM Three Wolf Moon (T-shirt design)
    TWM The World Models (Manufacturing Co.)
    TWM Teamwork Movement (gaming group)
    TWM Ted Williams Museum (St. Petersburg, FL)
    TWM Tyne and Wear Metro (light rail system; UK)
    TWM Teacher, Wordsmith, Madman (blogger Chad Hermann)
    TWM Tak Wiele Milosci
    TWM Trefriw Woollen Mills (UK)
    TWM Thouvenot, Wade and Moerchen
    TWM Targeted Web Marketing
    TWM Turner Workflow Manufacturing Ltd (UK)
    TWM The Wild Mongooses (online community)
    TWM Target Weaponeering Module (application in AOC)
    TWM Toroidal Winding Machine
    TWM Thin-Wire Monopole
    TWM Two-Weight Method
    TWM The Wrapping Machine
    TWM Turkish War Medal
    TWM Tension with Modulation
    TWM Team Widow Maker (gaming clan)
    TWM Trench Warfare Mod (Wolfenstein 3D)
    TWM Transamerica Worksite Monitoring


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