Who is the greatest American of all time and why?

    This young nation has produced great politicians, brilliant inventers, civil right leaders, unbelievable athletes, sensational military leaders and magnificent humanitarians. I'm sure there are millions of opinions and it would be interesting to hear about your hero. Who is the greatest American of all Time?

    I'm putting some thought behind this question and i hope you do the same.


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    The founding fathers. Its amazing how intelligent and committed those men were.


    The American boy or girl that leaves home and family and goes off to war to keep our Constitutional freedoms alive.

    I'm gonna vote for John Wayne or Red skelton.. And no I'm not kidding, just listen to the way these guys talk about America.. But I think that kinda of thinking is long gone in most of our celebrities.


    Most celebrities are too busy being politicaly correct, even if it means bashing America and any Republican President. Celebrities today, worry more about what's going on in the rest of the world and neglect the crisis going on in thier own backyard.


    Who is Shirley Jackson and Joan Didion?

    Thomas Jefferson who was responsible for writing the Declaration of Independence. And along with his fellow compatriots edited and presented it to the representatives who adopted it for the people of the newly to be established republic called the United States of America.

    Abraham Lincoln: The 16th President of the United States was self educated and led our Nation through the American Civil War. He ended slavery and was a man of integrity and principle. I'm sure he is ranked as one of our greatest presidents if not the greatest.

    Only a matter of opinion but, Dr. M.L.K. Jr.. He had peaceful protests, and did great things for equality in this country. Also J.F.K.. He kept the country from going to war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


    Not all of the ppl who found MLK where as paeseful I love him his message and hopes. But I have to say he did not condem the ppl that followed him.. My mom was in Al when they marched.. she was hurt baddly.

    Jim Thorpe because he was a true American and broke a lot of racial barriers!


    Jim Thorpe: What a shame Jim Thorpe and his people are buried in American History.

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt Leading us out of the Great Depresson and WW2


    Very good answer Mat.

    Ben Franklin got my vote

    John Adams, for his willingness to piss so many people off!

    my dad!!!!!!


    I Love it. Dad deserves a thumbs up.

    Shirley Jackson
    You know "The Lottery," the short story every writer studies at some point in his life? It only took her an afternoon to write.

    Joan Didion
    For fifty years of not letting America get away with its own self-delusions. If we have a national conscience, she is it.

    Michelle Obama
    The perfect running mate.


    Who is Shirley Jackson and Joan Didion?

    MLK, Paul Robeson, Malcolm X - because they rocked the boat and took America out of it's comfort zone.

    I say Ronald Regan.


    I'm not sure Ronald Reagan was the greatest American of all time, but he sure made me feel good about America and being an American. We were at an all time low during the Carter years and it was Reagan who brought America back. A true American he was.


    Yeah, good answer he was the best president during my lifetime so far. Thumbs up.

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